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July 2005
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Archive for July, 2005

National Tree Day 2005

Today is National Tree Day. The day we are meant to plant trees. Two days ago New Scientist published an article titled ‘Planting trees may create deserts’. It went on, Planting trees can create deserts, lower water tables and drain rivers, rather than filling them, claims a new report supported by the UK government. Indeed [...]


Most Popular

It is the last day in July. My web-log seems to work the traffic statistics on a monthly basis. According to these stats the most popular posts for the month were: First: Government Commits $2.3 Billion for Unknown Quantity of Water I suspect this post got most hits because of a link from [...]

Clarifying My Position on Climate Change

There is ample evidence that the earth’s climate has always changed, that there have been ice-ages and interglacial warm periods and sometimes dramatic shifts in temperature over relatively short periods. This is what I understand by ‘climate change’. I understand that the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change defines ‘climate change’ as that which [...]

Bob Carr’s Legacy: A Chief Scientist with No Science

So Bob Carr has resigned as NSW Premier after 10 years at the helm. The last 10 years has seen an increase in the number of environmental activists given key roles within the bureaucracy. Mr Peter Cosier was working as a WWF activist before being appointed to the positions of Deputy Director General and Chief [...]

Biodiversity for Dummies

What is biodiversity and does the non-expert have a right to a say in which bits are conserved? Following are three views. I have designated them as 1. from the expert, 2. from the technologist, and 3. for the dummy: 1. Biodiveristy for the Expert …. Let me give you an example of the problem. [...]

Ok for Nemo, No Good for Bundie

I was on ABC Television’s 7.30 Report last night suggesting we move beyond the argument of whether or not rising atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are contributing to global warming and prepare for climate change anyway. The program was focused on the release of a report titled ‘Climate change risk and vulnerability – promoting an efficient [...]

Lorikeets a Pest

Since announcing Don Burke as the new Chair of the AEF I have received emails from those wanting to promote leucaena, kill camphor laurels, naturalise lantana etcetera. Weeds and ferals are a huge environmental issue. But can we learn to live with some of our exotics? Should we accept lantana as naturalized? I was amazed [...]

Campbell Coming Ashore

Still with the ‘wind in his sails’ from the vilification of whalers, Environment Minister Ian Campbell now intends to champion coastal development – or rather coastal protection. I am not really sure which. In the various associated media reports Campbell claims the need for a solid 30 years plan (I think the Australian coast is [...]

Censoring at this Blog

I have received an email accusing me of censoring comment at this web-log. The writer of the email could not have know that about 8 comments from yesterday afternoon did not get approved (they included comment from David V, Ender, Louis H and David W). My apologies. The problem was probably in part a consequence [...]

Don Burke Takes Over

Don Burke, from Channel 9′s Burke’s Backyard, took over from me as Chair of the Australian Environment Foundation (AEF) this afternoon. Don is calling for a whole new approach to environmentalism and a focus on the management of our National Parks. Have a read of his media release at And you can find out [...]