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Archive for April, 2005

Reminder from Noeline Franklin


What do Geologists know about Climate?

After Michael Duffy interviewed Prof Bob Carter on climate change on his ABC radio program Counterpoint, there was comment on at least one web-blog site. John Quiggin wrote: “It would be more accurate to describe Carter as a prominent research geologist with a personal interest in the issue of climate change, and a strongly-held view [...]

Counting Coral Trout

It was the WWF Save the Reef Campaign that really developed my interest in environmental campaigns and through my public criticism of the same I have meet some wonderful characters. Dr Walter Stark grew up in the Florida Keys and was awarded his PhD at the University of Miami the year after I was born [...]

Australia’s Highest Paid Blogger

Last week, sociologist and blogger Mark Bahnisch made the comment that “blogging reflects not just a broader decline in civility, but something about the very nature of political discourse – it’s not about getting to the truth but about swaying others through means fair and foul.” But surely blogging can be about honest discussion and [...]

Anzac Day & the Man from Snowy River

Noeline Franklin (High Country crusader and member of the Miles Franklin family) emailed that today we might also remember the horses that went to war. About 160,000 horses from Australia went to WWI. Australia’s mounted soldiers included stockmen from the High Country – mostly volunteers who took their own horses. The story goes, that at [...]

Bushfire Petition

Veteran fire fighter and volunteer brigade captain Val Jeffery wants to break the record for most signatures on a petition presented to Federal Parliament (record currently 792,285) and, more importantly, force a Royal Commission. Jeffery and many others are frustrated over the handling of the Coronial Inquiry into the Canberra bushfires which was suspended last [...]

Timber Communities & National Parks (Part 1.)

I live in a wooden house and I work off a wooden desk. I know trees re-grow and that Australia has one of the most productive and sustainable timber industries in the world. I know that I have more of an affinity with the timber communities that work native forests than with the companies that [...]

Why the Pope Matters to the Environment

He started off on a quest to debunk Julian Simon, then tried to prioritize the world’s environmental issues, and concluded it was all about quality of life. No, I am not writing about German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, but rather the skeptical environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg. Lomborg’s conclusions are similar to the conclusion from Yale University’s latest [...]

Mixing Views on Climate

Papers from the Managing Climate Change: Practicalities and Realities in a post-Kyoto Future conference held in Canberra on 4th April are now available at Tech Central Station. This is perhaps a first conference where acknowledged ‘climate skeptics’ including Professor Bob Carter have given papers alongside Australian government representatives including Dr Brian Fisher from ABARE. A [...]

Warwick Hughes

Early environmentalists wore the badge of ‘skeptic’ as an honor. Thomas Huxley, a colleague of Charles Darwin, wrote: The improver of natural knowledge absolutely refuses to acknowledge authority, as such. For him, skepticism is the highest of duties; blind faith the one unpardonable sin. In 2005 to be a skeptical environmentalist is to almost be [...]