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Note On Herbicide Resistance: Chris Preston

Thirty-three different species of weeds are now reported to have developed resistance to herbicides commonly used in Australian farming systems, says Dr Chris Preston, programme leader for the Weeds CRC. The worst offenders are annual ryegrass, wild radish and wild oats. And of the thirteen ‘families’ of chemicals used to control weeds, resistance to ten […]

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Aboriginal Elder Remembers Grassland Not Forest

Another media release from the new Regional Community Survival Group in western New South Wales (Australia): “Aboriginal Elder, Mr Keith (Tommy) Ryan, is demanding that the NSW Government change native vegetation laws so that Aboriginals in the Bogan Shire of western NSW can locate and access ancestral sites that have become overrun with infestations of […]

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Farmers Challenge Minister to Explain Tree Laws

A new group has formed in western New South Wales (Australia) out of frustration with the states vegetation management regulations. Vegetation management is code for restrictions on tree clearing, and trees tend to include what that the locals refer to as “invasive scrub”. Following is the groups second ever media release: “Farming families and business […]

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Lorikeets a Pest

Since announcing Don Burke as the new Chair of the AEF I have received emails from those wanting to promote leucaena, kill camphor laurels, naturalise lantana etcetera. Weeds and ferals are a huge environmental issue. But can we learn to live with some of our exotics? Should we accept lantana as naturalized? I was amazed […]

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