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Lost Opportunity for Africa

Alexandra Downer writing in today’s Australian has reiterated that: “Long-term hope for the world’s poor — in Africa, in Asia and elsewhere — will also depend on removing trade barriers and creating a more vibrant and open global economy. When coupled with good governance and sound domestic reform in developing countries, trade liberalisation is one […]

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Muslims Speak Out

Sydney Lawyer Irfan Yusuf has written an insightful piece about London, and Islam, and the bombings, published today by e-journal Online Opinion, http://www.onlineopinion.com.au/view.asp?article=3651 . Yusuf concludes, “The nation that cheered for its cricket team even when captained by one Nasser Hussein deserves to feel secure in the knowledge that its Muslim citizens openly and publicly […]

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Terrorism Will Not Stop Discussions

It is perhaps fitting that I post something from Scotland. The Scotsman is reporting 12 dead and 150 injured from the bombings in London. The same newspaper quotes Paul Wilkinson, a terrorism expert from St Andrews University, saying “It is quite clear that a major terrorist attack has been carried out on London. The attack […]

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The Hunter’s Legacy

Greenpeace co-founder and its first President Bob Hunter died yesterday aged 63 following a battle with prostate cancer. Hunter was a journalist by training. He wanted to stop whaling and nuclear testing and in many ways succeeded with his brand new environment group Greenpeace where others had failed. He wanted to “affect the attitude of […]

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Anzac Day & the Man from Snowy River

Noeline Franklin (High Country crusader and member of the Miles Franklin family) emailed that today we might also remember the horses that went to war. About 160,000 horses from Australia went to WWI. Australia’s mounted soldiers included stockmen from the High Country – mostly volunteers who took their own horses. The story goes, that at […]

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