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Will the Earth Start Warming Again in 2015: In Just Eight Years?

“Who has noticed that the period 2014-2015 keeps on turning up in the debate on greenhouse science? “That is when greenhouse proponents say the long-delayed global warming apocalypse will start happening. In addition, that general date has turned up in forecasts made by an arch sceptic, and two researchers in the US have forecast that [...]


Another Hurricane Heading for New Orleans

“The Mayor of New Orleans ordered a mandatory evacuation of the partially rebuilt city yesterday as another monster storm bore down on Louisiana nearly three years to the day after Hurricane Katrina wiped out entire swaths of the metropolis. Hurricane Gustav, which has killed more than 80 people in the Caribbean, strengthened quickly into a [...]

CSIRO Advice Poisoned by Fear: Garth Paltridge

“I HEAR on the scientific grapevine that CSIRO’s biggest problem when providing formal advice to the federal Government on the matter of climate change is to say nothing that can be interpreted as giving aid and comfort to the army of irresponsible sceptics out there who are doubtful about the dreadful consequences of global warming. [...]

Round Up from Marc Morano

1. Scientists challenge UN Climate Panel to ‘Admit’ CO2 is NOT ‘Driving World Temperatures’ The letter was signed by UK Analytical Chemist Hans Schreuder; UK Astrophysicist Piers Corbyn UK Prof. Em. Human Ecology Dr. Don Parkes and Svend Hendriksen of the Greenland Meteorological Office. Excerpt: Dear Dr. Pachauri and others associated with IPCC We are [...]

Shark Attack Alert, Reminiscent of 1960s

Dear All, In today’s Age newspaper, “Fears of ‘worst shark season’ ever as seas heat up”, see Back in the 1960s I can recall shark attacks being rather common in Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay. Temperatures were lower then … Cheers, John McLean

Growing Numbers of Sceptics? A Note from Jim

Jennifer, I note of late a tendency to refer to the “growing” number of AGW skeptics in the scientific community and am a bit puzzled by this. If, like myself, you are not a scientist much less an expert in a climate related discipline, then the relative proportions and credibility of genuine experts is an [...]

On Rorting Carbon Trading

“It is clear carbon emissions trading will continue to grow, nationally and internationally. “At the moment the two biggest schemes are the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme and the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism, both of which arose from the Kyoto Protocol. “According to estimates by the World Bank released in May, the total world carbon-trading [...]

Lost Wheel

My guess is within 100 km of Kintore, from the SW along the Sandy Blight Junction Road. I wouldn’t make such a fuss but for the cost of replacement. 10,000 km in 4 weeks and very little on sealed road. I could describe ad nauseum the gratifaction of my family’s travels, but I think my [...]

Budget Not Big on Climate

Last night the Australian Treasurer, Peter Costello, handed down the budget for the nation for the next financial year (2007-08). There were tax cuts, big increases in spending on higher education, but surprisingly little in response to all the community hysteria over climate change. There was not a word on a possible carbon tax or [...]

A National Plan for Water Security (Part 1)

Last week the Australian Prime Minister John Howard launched ‘A Nation Plan for Water Security’. It is a 10 point plan with a $10 billion budget to run for 10 years and it has generally been well received perhaps because many Australians feel there is a need for ‘water’ as an issue to be given [...]