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What the Farm Lobby Had Wanted: Salt Threat Grossly Exaggerated (Part 3)

Continuing my blog posts on salt … Mick Keogh, from The Australian Farm Institute, wrote in the Australian Financial Review that, “Dryland salinity is a challenge that Australian farmers must continue to deal with, and cannot ignore. However, successful future management will require …that all involved reject the crisis mentality, and instead become coolly objective […]

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Salt Threat Grossly Exaggerated (Part 2)

The consensus from Australian scientists in positions of authority on the issue of ‘river salinity’ and the ‘spread of dryland salinity’ appears to be crumbling. As Mick Keogh wrote yesterday in The Australian Financial Review with respect to the issue of dryland salinity: “Increasingly, researchers are concluding that many of the assumptions and much of […]

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Salt Threat Grossly Exaggerated (Part 1)

Mick Keogh from The Australian Farm Institute had a piece published in yesterday’s Australian Financial Review titled ‘Getting a balanced perspective on salinity’. It reiterated what some scientists have been saying since late last year, that they got it wrong with their salt predictions. Keogh wrote: Conduct an internet search using the terms “salinity” and […]

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Rising Salt Problem in WA

A main premise of the following guest post from Boxer* is that across the West Australian wheatbelt, water tables are showing an upward trend. Boxer explains the problem and the need to act now if we are to learn from history and avoid the problems that destroyed, for example, agriculture in the valleys of the […]

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‘Red Poles’ Also Costs Lots

Louis was perhaps somewhat baffled by my recent post on salinity. A reader of this weblog who lives closer to the issue sent in this comment from ‘The Ringer’, Download file. It perhaps provides an additional perspective. The Ringer suggests the random red splotches on that map are just as controversial and costly to tax […]

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Mapping Salinity: What a Mess

Two weeks ago I received an email from Rob Gourlay letting me know that Brian Tunstall’s response to the 2005 Spies and Woodgate Report on salinity mapping methods was available at the ERIC website. Some of the issues Brian Tunstall raises in this review, include the same issues that I raised in my Land column […]

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