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On Pious Hope & Queensland’s Rangelands

The following note on rangeland management is from a reader of this blog who lives in western Queensland. The note was followed by the the comment that, “a major problem of rangeland management is that politicians and bureaucrats have undying faith in the efficacy of pious hope and regulation to rectify problems now largely caused […]

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Managing Our Rangelands (Part 2)

In my first post on rangelands (Part 1, posted 22nd June), I wrote how these are vast areas covering most of Australia. And I asked the question, how should these areas be managed/not managed? Graham Finlayson is a reader of this blog and has a property near Bourke in New South Wales. Graham is also […]

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Managing our Rangelands (Part 1)

I am passionate about Australia’s rangelands. They cover about 75 percent of the land area of this continent – according to a website that I’ve just discovered. The Australian Burea of Statistics (ABS), from memory, suggests about 60 percent of Australia is rangeland under pastoral lease. I am not sure how these vast areas should […]

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