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Reflections on the ‘Malthusian Catastrophe’ as the World Approaches 7 Billion

ON October 31, 2011 the world’s population will top seven billion. That’s according to expert opinion and a recent article in Nature.[1] Writing in 1798, when there were less than one billion people on planet earth, Thomas Malthus suggested that misery, vice and poverty would keep population in check. [2] Malthus was wrong. Where there [...]


Wrong Policy on Population: A Note from Peter Ridd

LATEST statistics show that Australia’s population is growing at a rate of more than a million every three years. This growth rate is being driven primarily by record rates of immigration and a relative young population, itself a product of rapid past immigration. Doubtless Peter Costello’s baby bonus has also made the situation worse by [...]

Hong Kong Cleans Up It’s Environment

ACCORDING to many commentators, one of the greatest challenges facing humanity in the twenty-first century is the protection and conservation of the environment.   It’s a mainstream issue and not just in places like Australia.  Indeed even the government of Hong Kong is now making environmental sustainability a key objective which it intends to integrate with economic [...]

Population Imperialists

“We know full well what happens when women’s fertility becomes the object of draconian top-down social engineering as it has in China and was in the dark days of eugenics when thousands were involuntarily sterilised. The war on population always has been, and will continue to be, a war on women’s bodies,” Ms Hartmann said.  [...]

Uneven Population Growth

Although the population of the world continues to grow substantially, 79 million a year, the rate of growth has declined by nearly half in the last 40 years – from 2.0 to 1.2 per cent per annum.  It have varied significantly by continent … Read more here.

The Real Issue: Global Over-Breeding – A Note From Haldun Abdullah

Hi Jennifer, Now that we have left global warming behind us (almost unanimous agreement that it is the result of human activity or rather over-activity, and that its here to stay unless something is done about it urgently) we can concentrate on the real issue, which is, as I believe over population both at the [...]

How to Slow Population Growth?

Dr John Reid, a Melbourne neuroscientist, said on ABC radio yesterday, in a piece entitled ‘Apocalypse Now’, that population growth is a major environmental issue. I agree. He went on to suggest that, “In the discussion of human impact on the biosphere, two separate but interactive issues are being conflated. These two issues are climate [...]

Economic Growth Relevant, Even if Global Population Declines: A Note from Pinxi

Many people are concerned by the current dominant global socio-economic paradigm in which economic growth is expected to continue forever. I’ve commented at a previous thread that the associated issues, including resource depletion, may become “somewhat redundant” once global population starts to decline which many predict will happen before the end of this century. A [...]

What’s Australia’s Carrying Capacity?

Mitchell Porter sent me a note some time ago that began: “There is a thought I had a long time ago when talking with some zero-population-growth advocates, maybe your readership can shed some light on this. They were saying Australia was already near its human carrying capacity, and I remembered reading that Australia has a [...]