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Mountain Cattlemen Defiant

There was movement at the station for the word had passed around that the mountain cattlemen will graze their cattle in the Alpine National Park this summer. The move, announced at a rally in Bendigo today, is in defiance of new Victorian legislation banning the 170 year tradition. I have previously blogged on the ban […]

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Whales, Dugongs & The Blue Pool

The Indigenous community in south-east Queensland is divided over dugong hunting. According to ABC Online today, Three Indigenous groups in north Queensland have agreed to stop traditional hunting for dugongs. The landmark agreement has been welcomed by Butchulla elder, Marie Wilkinson, who says her people have wanted a similar arrangement on the Fraser Coast for […]

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End of an Era

The 170-year tradition of grazing cattle in Victoria’s high country is over according to the Victorian Shadow Minister for Agriculture Philip Davis. In a press release last Friday he said, “In one fell swoop, the Bracks Government this afternoon successfully displaced generations of mountain cattlemen and their families, simultaneously erasing an essential part of Australia’s […]

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Noongars Knew Best

The following essay is from, and by, David Ward of Western Australia. Thanks David. Before Europeans arrived, Noongar people managed our south-west dry forests and woodlands very well without fire trucks, water bombers, helicopters, television journalists, concerned politicians, the Conservation Council, hundreds of firefighters, or the Salvation Army to give them all breakfast. They did […]

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Expert Advice on Alpine Grazing

If we care about the environment, we must also care about rural and regional Australia because this is where most of our environment is. A lot of people in the bush (I use bush in the broadest context to include even rainforest dwellers) are extremely unhappy with how national parks are being managed/not managed. The […]

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Exclude Cattle from National Parks?

Cattle can destroy a landscape. The Victorian Premier last week banned grazing in the Alpine National Park on the basis that: Cattle: * trample streambanks, springs and soaks * damage and destroy fragile alpine mossbeds * create bare ground, disturb soil and cause erosion * pollute water * are a significant threat to a number […]

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