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Mine Your Own Ignorance

I’m in Perth at the moment, at the end of the Australian tour of a new documentary ‘Mine Your Own Business’. In the film, British journalist Phelim McAleer meets up with an unemployed 23-year-old Romanian miner Gheorge Lucian and together they explore a mine site in Rosia Montana before travelling together to Madagascar and Chile […]

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Miranda Devine on ‘Mine Your Own Business’

It is generally assumed that mining companies are bad and green groups are good. This general impression is so well entrenched within western civilization that many environmental activists have got used to being able to tell stories about mining, logging, fishing and farming operations that are misleading, exaggerated or simply wrong. They have got used […]

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Mine Your Own Business, But Don’t Miss the Movie

Mine Your Own Business is a powerful film about the hopes of people living in poverty and about misguided environmentalism. Directed by former Financial Times journalist Phelim McAleer, Mine Your Own Business exposes the motivations of those attempting to stop economic development in the name of the environment. The Institute of Public Affairs will be […]

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Hoping for Justice in Indonesia

Tommy Suharto, the eldest son of a former Indonesian President, was released from jail today having served only part of a very lenient jail term after being found guilty of organising the successful murder of a Supreme Court Judge. The Suharto trial and early prison release casts some doubt over the integrity of the Indonesian […]

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The Campaign to Jail Richard Ness

A new movie ‘Mine Your Own Business’ details how environmental campaigner have stopped development in parts of the world that crave development. How they have denied poor people opportunity. The same activists have also run campaigns against foreigners who have dared develop projects in remote and environmentally sensitive parts of the world. In the case […]

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Did Newmont Do It?

Yesterday an Indonesian Court threw out charges against the world’s largest gold producer, Newmont Mining Corporation, not because the company might be innocent, but because the company had a deal with the Indonesian government whereby disputes are to be settled by arbitration. At issue is whether the company polluted Buyat bay in northern Sulawesi with […]

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