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Counting Energy Efficiencies: Wooden Verus Cement Floors

At the recent Timber Communities Australia national conference, prominent federal Labor politician Martin Ferguson called for a rethink of the national energy efficiency standards for residential buildings in Australia. He told conference delegates: “Whilst we would all support practical measures that increase energy efficiency, it seems to me that the new building standards are underpinned […]

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Which Climate Change Consensus? (Part 3)

There are some interesting questions being posed at the Which Climate Change Consensus? (Part 2) thread. Following are two questions from Graham Young that interests me. They seems to have been lost amongst the more general policy and economic discussion about Kyoto. David, Your quotation from the MIT piece illustrates the problem that you have […]

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Wooden Floors Fail Enery-Efficiency Test

I live in Brisbane in an old Queenslander. These are wooden houses traditionally with high ceilings and on stilts to allow for air circulation and beat the heat of the tropics. They tend to be difficult to insulate and my home is particularly cold during our brief winter. When there is no breeze the house […]

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Designed to Be Energy Efficient – or Not?

Through an agreement with the building sector, the Australian Government has resolved to eliminate worst energy performance practices through a national standard approach to minimum performance requirements for buildings, see Greenhouse Office website. Based on this advice, the Australian Building Codes Board is set to consider the introduction of five-star energy regulations in all new […]

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