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European Union President to Open Skeptics Conference

THE President of the Czech Republic and the current president of the European Union, Vaclav Klaus, will give the keynote address this evening at the opening of the second international Conference on Climate Change – billed as the world’s largest-ever gathering of global warming skeptics.   The President is expected to be blunt when he addresses […]

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Bob Carter in Brisbane Speaking on Climate Change as a Natural Hazard

The Institute of Public Affairs holds lectures on interesting topics at the Brisbane Club.   Last night eighty guests heard Professor Bob Carter from James Cook University explain how climate always changes and why climate change is a natural hazard.    Thanks Bob for another great presentation! In the New Year, the Institue of Public Affairs is hoping to start a lecture series in Sydney along […]

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Skeptics to Gather in New York Again

A highlight of my year so far is the climate change conference in New York in March.    It was a gathering of more than 500 skeptics, including many scientists, to discuss global warming.  I was enthralled by a presentation from Stan Goldenberg from NOAA which included photographs taken inside the eye of hurricanes from flights within NOAA’s Hurricane Hunters […]

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WWF and Greenpeace as Well-Funded Successful Modern Political Organisations

I spent last weekend at The Annual Australian Environment Foundation (AEF) Conference at Rydges Hotel Lakeside in Canberra.  The conference theme was a ‘climate for change’. But it wasn’t only about ‘climate change’, political analysis Graham Young spoke at the conference about the power of the internet, politics and lobbying and even mentioning this blog.  He […]

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