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Beach Stone Curlew at Sandy Straits

Jen, The Beach Stone Curlews (Esacus giganteus) are more common up north but are getting rare at the southern end of their range. It should be the other way round if AGW was real. We travel and camp in these sorts of small boats.   Jim  (Sandy Straits, Queensland)


Until Next Year… Little Rose Robin

“ROSE Robins (Petroica rosea) love to winter at our place on the western side of the Darlington Range in the south-east of Queensland. But come spring and they are off like a rocket to the Lamington Plateau or the New England Ranges to nest.”  Jim Inglis

Ravens, Right Relationships and Ice Trucks

IN Canada’s remote freezing Northwest Territories, near the diamond mine of Ekati, a black raven follows ice road trucks.  A youtube video has been made of the bird’s antics which include surfing the turbulence created by the big rigs.   Yesterday at the Sydney Writers Festival, I heard Eva Hornung, author of ‘Dogboy’, the story of [...]

Imposing Our Prejudices on the Value of Flood Waters: A Note from Cathy Green

WHEN nutrient rich water flows into Lake Eyre it is considered good for the environment, but when nutrient rich water flows into the Great Barrier Reef lagoon it is considered bad for the environment.  Indeed every time that Lake Eyre in central Australia floods, our oh-so-sensitive-to-nature journalists provide us with the sort of happy purple prose [...]

Gone Fishing

“Gone Fishing” is an expression we use here in Australia to let people know that a business is closed for a period of time while the owner takes a break. I’m off for a bit – “Gone Fishing”.   Cheers, ************** The photograph is of a pelican near Ingham, North Queensland, taken September 29, 2008.

Wildlife at Westdown: A Note from Jim Inglis

This is a Tawny Frogmouth chick that fell out of its nest and ended up on the slasher the other day. Its mum did a great job and it fledged successfully, to our great relief. The Tawny Frogmouth is fairly common and “nests” at our place every November. The nest however is virtually non-existent but [...]

A Female ‘Black’ Satin Bowerbird

The following picture of a female ‘black’ satin bowerbird, Ptilonorhynchus violaceus, was taken in Katoomba on January 31, 2009, by Jennifer Marohasy. 

A Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo and Two Messages for Australian Readers

THIS beautiful bird, a Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo, has been sitting in a tree outside my study perhaps wondering when I am going to refill the bird-feeder with some bird seed.   The few times I have walked outside this afternoon the bird has squarked, perhaps asking me to “fill it!” Meanwhile I have been posting a couple of messages at the [...]

Whale Birds – A Note from Ann Novek

Whale birds are a group of birds called this because, 1) They used to follow whaling ships and feed on the blubber and floating oil. (Any of several species of large Antarctic petrels). 2) Prions are a small group of Petrels which once were known as whale birds, because they feed on the same plankton [...]