Phil Hurst – Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia

“Jennifer Marohasy was keynote speaker at our National Convention for Australia’s aerial application and firebombing pilots and business owners and she had the audience’s attention from her opening remarks.

“Rarely is a keynote speaker able to so effectively challenge the existing assumptions of the media, government agencies and other ‘experts’ as Jennifer.  Her delivery was measured, rational and easy to follow for a lay audience.  Her supporting data was succinct and entirely relevant.  Apart from posing a number of embarrassing questions for ‘climate change’ enthusiasts, she also provided insights into the shortcomings of how the media uses science for its own purposes.

“For any association trying to find the facts for their members so they can better plan their businesses, and for any conference organiser despairing of finding an interesting, intelligent and relevant speaker with something important to say, I would highly recommend Jennifer Marohasy.”  August 2009


Alan Bennett – Columbia University, New York

“I just heard your piece on ‘the need for real science’ on podcast (ABC’s Ockham’s Razor).  Concise, wonderfully articulate and empirical to boot.  Absolutely brilliant.  I’ve listened to hundreds of programs for a book I’m writing on large scale social trends as we enter the 21st Century.  Yours is one of only two that I’ve wanted to applaud.  Kudos on solid science, very well presented.”  December 2005


Michael Duffy – Radio National, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

“Dr Jennifer Marohasy is Australia’s best-known proponent of evidence-based science and her blog is the most popular environmental one in the country. In my experience she is known and respected for her role in public discussion, and is regarded by most scientists who take an interest in environmental debate as controversial but knowledgeable.

“I have been following her work for five years and have interviewed her on radio many times. She is a fine communicator with the ability to make complex issues understandable for the lay person, without simplifying them too much.

“I suspect an important reason for Jennifer’s independence and  communication skills is that she has a wider experience than most university-based scientists, having grown up on a farm, worked in industry and a think tank, lived overseas for an extended period, been one of our most successful bloggers, and played a leading role in setting up an environmental organisation. This, of course, is in addition to her academic work.”   July 2009


Lance Endersbee – Emeritus Professor and former Dean of Engineering and Pro-Vice Chancellor, Monash University

“I am one of your admirers.  That does not necessarily mean that I agree with you all the time.  But you are wonderfully candid and thoughtful.”   June 2006

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