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April 2014
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New articles by Jennifer Marohasy… 

Background information on an upcoming publication by John Abbot and Jennifer Marohasy in Atmospheric Research on rainfall forecasting in Queensland, including audio slides, is now available here at

How a government monopoly is holding back the advancement of climate research: a new article by Jennifer Marohasy and John Abbot in the latest IPA Review entitled Competition in Climate Science.

The Native Fish Strategy for the Murray Darling Basin is reviewed in a recent conference paper by Jennifer Marohasy and John Abbot entitled ‘Deconstructing the native fish strategy for Australia’s Murray Daring Catchment’ published by the Wessex Institute and available for free download at

On 18th March, 2013, Dr Marohasy was published in the Australian Financial Review writing about how new Australian Media Rules Prohibit Dissent. The legal insights followed publication of a series of papers with John Abbot in the British journal Environmental Law and Management and the Australian law journal Public Law Review on FOI and climate science.

Background to the work of Jennifer Marohasy…

Jennifer Marohasy has written many articles on a range of issues relating to the natural environment beginning in 1989 with her first scientific publication on the insect fauna of a Madagascan daisy. More recently she has started writing about FOI and implications of restricting access to scientific information.

She has recently researched the application of artificial intelligence to rainfall forecasting with a summary of findings published in the magazine Meteorological Technology International (August 2012), download here.

In early 2012 she wrote ‘Plugging the Murray River’s Mouth: The Interrupted Evolution of a Barrier Estuary’ which can be downloaded here.   This paper has generate some interest from the Australian television program, Media Watch.  Dr Marohasy’s honest and detailed responses to the barrage of questions can be downloaded here.

Jennifer Marohasy and John Abbot made a submission to the Proposed [Murray Darling] Basin Plan. This document can be downloaded [10MB] here.

The text of her address to the Sydney Institute on February 8, 2012 on the need to restore the Murray River’s estuary, can be downloaded here.  Listen to the podcast here.

Dr Marohasy was published in the IPA Review from March 2003 through to 2009.  Since April 2004, she has been published every fortnight in The Land, and occasionally in The Australian and other newspapers.

She has also written many articles for Australia’s e-journal of social and political debate On Line Opinion.

More recently you can find her published in the British Law Journal, Environmental Law and Management and the International Journal of Risk Management, Human and Ecological Risk Assessment.  Dr Marohasy  has a paper on rainfall forecasting using artificial intelligence recently published in Advances in Atmospheric Science.

Following are links to some of these articles or links to lists of articles.

1. Recent popular articles 

Marohasy, J. 2013. Competition in climate science: government monopolies are holding back the advancement of climate change research, IPA Review, November 2013, pages 23-25.

Marohasy, J. 2012. The use of artificial intelligence to forecast rainfall in Australia.  Meteorological Technology International, Pages 26-28.

Marohasy, J. 2012. ‘Plugging the Murray River’s Mouth: The Interrupted Evolution of a Barrier Estuary’

2. Books

Marohasy, J. 2003.  Myth & the Murray: measuring the real state of the river environment, Melbourne, Institute of Public Affairs, 27 p.  Libraries Australia ID 25388233.

3. Recent peer-reviewed journal articles

Abbot J. and Marohasy J. 2014. Input selection and optimisation for monthly rainfall forecasting in Queensland, Australia, using artificial neural networks. Atmospheric Research, Volume 138, Pages 166-178

Abbot J. and Marohasy J. 2013. Barriers to Accessing Environmental Information under Australian Freedom of Information. Public Law Review 24, 10-16.

Abbot J. and J. Marohasy, 2012. Accessing information under Australian freedom of information legislation: a case study involving climate change. Environmental Law and Management, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 114-118.

Abbot J., and J. Marohasy, 2011. Application of artificial neural networks to rainfall forecasting in Queensland, Australia. Advances in Atmospheric Sciences,  Volume 29, Number 4,  Pages 717-730.  doi: 10.1007/s00376-012-1259-9 .

Abbot J., and J. Marohasy, 2011. Has the herbicide Diuron caused mangrove dieback? A re-examination of the evidence. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment: An International Journal, Volume 17, Issue 5, Pages 1077-1094.

Abbot J. and J. Marohasy, 2010. Accessing information relating to climate change: the case of Irish oaks tree rings.  Environmental Law and Management, Volume 22, Issue 4, Pages 172-181.

Abbot J. and J. Marohasy, 2010. Accessing environmental information relating to climate change: a case study under UK freedom of information legislation.  Environmental Law and Management, Volume 22, Issue 1, Pages 3- 12.

4. Recent Conference Proceedings

Abbot J. and Marohasy J. 2013. The application of artificial intelligence for monthly rainfall forecasting in the Brisbane Catchment, Queensland, Australia. River Basin Management VII. WIT Press. Editor C.A. Brebbia. Pages 125-135.

Abbot J. and Marohasy J. 2013. The potential benefits of using artificial intelligence for monthly rainfall forecasting for the Bowen Basin, Queensland, Australia. Water Resources Management VII. WIT Press. Editor C.A. Brebbia. Pages 287-297.

Marohasy, J. and J. Abbot. 2012.  Chemical-free agriculture: obstacles and assumptions. 16th Australian Agronomy Conference, Armidale, NSW, 14-18 October 2012.

5. Early scientific publications

A list of these peer-reviewed publications including journal articles on insect taxonomy, biology and ecology and plant taxonomy can be found here. Early in her career Dr Marohasy was posted to Madagascar and this research work is credited with the successful biological control of the North Queensland weed rubbervine, Crypostegia grandiflora,including in the book Reclaiming lost provinces: A century of weed biological control in Queensland by Craig Walton and published by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Brisbane, 2005.

6. Monographs

Gagné, R.J. and J. Marohasy, 1993: The gall midges (Dipera: Cecidomyiidae) of Acacia spp. (Mimosaceae) in Kenya. Insecta Mundi, Volume 7, Pages 77- 124.

7. A list of IPA publications

A list of these articles with links to the original articles can be found here.

8. On Line Opinion Articles

On Line Opinion is a not-for-profit publication prepared to publish stories that contradict popular narratives. To read Jennifer Marohasy at On Line Opinion click here.

Seminal articles include:

Great Barrier Reef ‘research’ – A litany of false claims
About scientists and environmental activists behaving badly, published October 10, 2011, click here.

Snowy Hydro tops up floods with environmental flows
About Snowy Hydro dumping water into flooded catchments, published February 1, 2011, click here.

Saving the Coorong by restoring its native state
About the need to restore the Murray River’s estuary, published August 14, 2008, click here.

Fat ducks equal fat cows
About the Macquarie Marshes and graziers stealing water, published April 18, 2006, click here.

Received evidence for deterioration in water quality in the River Murray
About CSIRO misleading the public on salinity levels, published August 8, 2003, click here.

9. Articles on the Murray Darling

Myth and the Murray: Measuring the real state of the river environment
A review of the evidence on Murray cod numbers, healthy of Riverred gums, salinity levels and more
IPA Backgrounder, December 2003

Why ‘Save the Murray’?
How The Australian newspaper ran a very political and very misinformed campaign
Quadrant Magazine, Volume XLVIII, Number 12 (December 2004)

The disputed natural history of the Lower Murray
The technical literature is clear, the Lower Lakes were once part of the Murray River’s estuary
Quadrant On Line, November 21, 2010

The Murray: A fresh perspective
There was no navigable passage from the Murray to the Southern Ocean in 1831
Quadrant On Line, September 19, 2010

10. Articles on the Great Barrier Reef

WWF Says ‘Jump!’, governments ask ‘How high?’
About the WWF ‘Save the Great Barrier Reef’ campaign
Archived by the National Library of Australia,

Deceit in the name of conservation
Chief scientist ignores evidence to maintain the perception of pollution
IPA Review, March 2003

Find more links and articles from Dr Marohasy on the Great Barrier Reef by clicking here.

Hunt, W.D., Dyer, B., Marohasy, J., Kerkwyk, R., and Thompson, J. 2004. Systems, policy and infrastructure for rodent management in the Queensland sugar industry. Proceedings of the Australian Society of Sugar Cane Technologists, 26.

11. Articles on Climate Change

Case of the warm and fuzzy
Believe the data, not the activists, there is no declining rainfall trend for Eastern Australia
The Australian, August 23, 2008

Reef may benefit from global warming
The expected rise in sea level associated with global warming may benefit coral reefs, global threats to the coral reefs of the world include damaging fish practices and pollution, and the UN should work harder to address these issues
The Australian, January 31, 2007

12. Articles on Nature Conservation

Save the Whaling
Whaling can be sustainable, the current slaughter of dugongs in North Queensland is not
Cosmos, Issue 3, September 2005

The Loss of the Baiji
The recent extinction of the Yangtze River Dolphin
IPA Review, October 2006, pages 30-31

13. Articles on Australian Agriculture 

Australia’s Environment Undergoing Renewal, Not Collapse
Review of Australian agriculture, forestry and fisheries and their environmental impacts
Energy & Environment, Volume 16, No. 3&4, Pages 457-480

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