Prof Brian Cox, image courtesy of the BBC

Speaking Truth to Power, and Correcting Brian Cox

There was once a clear distinction between science – that was about reason and evidence – and art that could venture into the make-believe including through the re-interpretation of facts. This line is increasingly blurred in climate science where data is now routinely remodeled to make it more consistent with global warming theory.

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Green squares show annual mean minimum temperatures, red dots show these values after homogenization.  In dropping down the early mean minima the Bureau changes slight cooling at Rutherglen, into warming of 1.7 degrees Celsius per century.

Auditor-General Dismisses Need for Scrutiny of Bureau’s Homogenization Methodology

SURFACE air temperatures, as measured at weather stations across Australia, are routinely remodeled through a process of homogenization.  After the remodeling of approximately 100 individual temperature series, various area weightings are applied to these individual series, then the average annual temperature is calculated for each state and territory, the entire continent, and used to report […]

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Roy Spencer and John Christy are responsible for compiling the UAH Satellite record.

Accepting Regional Variability in Global Temperatures

IN the very first report from the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) the Medieval Warm Period was evident as a period, about as warm as the present, occurring from AD 950 to 1250. In subsequent IPCC reports there is no such warm period in this historical record. Instead there is a graph, […]

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clive james

Imminent Catastrophe: a poem by Clive James

The imminent catastrophe goes on Not showing many signs of happening. The ice at the North Pole that should be gone By now, is awkwardly still lingering, And though sometimes the weather is extreme It seems no more so than when we were young Who soon will hear no more of this grim theme Reiterated […]

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chart from

Satellite-based global temperatures, trending up

LEADING climate scientists were not acknowledging “the pause” in global warming, even though it was very apparent in the satellite-based temperatures of the lower troposphere. That was until last month. The February update to this satellite record has broken previous records for the northern hemisphere, and indicates that global temperatures are once again on the […]

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John Abbot's corvette which was submerged in the Brisbane flooding of January 2011.

Rainfall Forecasts Should be Benchmarked

ACCORDING to Bill Gates, “You can achieve incredible progress if you set a clear goal and find a measure that will drive progress towards that goal.” This may seem basic, but it’s not practiced enough, and certainly not when it comes to rainfall forecasting. The Bureau of Meteorology increasingly use their weather and climate forecasts […]

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Pelicans Weyba Creek

Nobody Lives in a World Climate: Professor Bob Carter 1942-2016

OUTSPOKEN critic of catastrophic global warming theory, Bob Carter, died in Townsville on Tuesday. Professor Carter did not like the term sceptic, he considered himself a rationalist, and popular usage of the term ‘climate change’ a tautology. As he wrote frequently: the geological record tells us that climate always changes. In Professor Carter’s passing we […]

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From left to right: Max Rheese, Senator David Leyonhjelm, Jennifer Marohasy, Senator Bob Day, the pilot (Chris), and Senator Matt Canavan.

May Your Christmas be Replete with Food

LAST week I got to fly over the Murray River’s mouth and Coorong with two, hard-working, cross-bench Senators, Bob Day and David Leyonhjelm. That was immediately after the Senate Select Committee hearing in Goolwa*.  You may yawn: issues discussed included the availability and price of water for food production. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, […]

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