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Rising Sea Levels or Just Sinking Islands: A Note from Ian Mott

Hello Jen, Our national broadcaster, the ABC, has struck again with a new low in responsible journalism. In ‘PNG – That Sinking Feeling’, broadcast last night as part of the ‘Foreign Correspondent’ program, reporter Steve Marshall has trashed any credibility the ABC had left on environmental reporting. The unambiguous message in the documentary and all […]

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‘Snow Job on the Snowy’ by Ian Mott

As the Murray Basin gets another “summit” for it’s troubles it is timely to take a good hard look at the facts behind the last river to get the “can do” swagger from our politicians and environmental saviours. In October 2000 the Feds, NSW and Victorian governments gave us another “milestone” in the great pantheon […]

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Bicycle Beats Peak Oil: Ian Mott

“At $2/litre I will fix my bicycle, I will get more exercise, I will lose weight, I will get fitter, I will live longer, I will get more things done, I will sleep better, I will notice more things as I pass them by, I will meet more people, I will be more relaxed and […]

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Ian Mott on Jared Diamond & Old Growth

Following my recent post titled ‘More Tall Tales from Jared Diamond’ there was comment that it would be useful to know the area of old growth forest remaining in Australia. I put the challenge to Ian Mott and here is his guest post: “Professor Jared Diamond has an elliptical orbit of the truth that includes […]

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