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Bureau Caught in Own Tangled Web of Homogenisation

THE Australian Bureau of Meteorology now acknowledge that they change the temperatures at most, if not all, the weather stations that make-up the official station network from which national temperature trends are calculated. Indeed, earlier in the week, 28 pages of ‘adjustments’ were released online following a series of articles in The Australian and The [...]

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Newspapers as the guardians of hot history

OLD newspapers hold a lot of information, some of it very valuable. I’m not only referring to last week’s The Land, but clippings that date back to editions published one hundred or more years ago. For example, in the Sydney Morning Herald on Tuesday 5th January 1909 it was reported that Bourke was experiencing a [...]

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Open Thread

Some things worth remembering … We are persuaded not by truth, but by fidelity to evidence and context. It is important to understand the difference between propaganda and information. Objectivity is a research method, not a philosophy.

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Rutherglen: Still Looking for Answers

A CENTRAL thesis of global warming is that temperatures will keep going up, and up. They did from about 1960 to 2002 at many places around Australia, but not at all of them. At Ruthergen, a wine-growing region of north-eastern Victoria, temperatures have been fairly steady since a Stevenson screen was erected and temperatures first [...]

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So much Conversation, so little evidence

I’VE never meet Jo Nova in person. But she can write a good headline, and she cares about the truth. Her blog has never received any government funding, but it includes a lot of interesting facts and evidence on science-related topics. Meanwhile ‘The Conversation’ is a government-funded blog for university researchers that got $6 million [...]

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The ABC of Rutherglen

IF global warming is the greatest moral issue of our time, then the truth really does matter. But this morning, I felt that I had been shut outside, or at least cut-off, without having a chance to tell the whole story. Bronwen O’Shea the host of an ABC radio program for the Goulburn Murray, a [...]

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