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JENNIFER Marohasy, the weblog, is a gathering place for people with an interest in environmental issues, particularly climate change issues. It was one of the first blogs to mount a sustained attack on anthropogenic global warming orthodoxy before ‘Climategate’ and in the wake of ‘An Inconvenience Truth’.[1]

Until March 2014, Jennifer Marohasy rarely edited comment threads instead asking for tolerance including of offensive comments. At about that time she decided to ‘reclaim’ her blog that was by now dominated by some intent on wrecking any attempt at rational and constructive dialogue, which was not in accordance with the mainstream consensus on climate change.

The image in the banner of the blog and website is a photograph of an escarpment in the Blue Mountains taken by Jennifer Marohasy in December 2007.  An uplifting approximately 200 million years ago was followed by erosion exposing layers of sedimentary rock.  Superimposed on this is new vegetation after what was a devastating bushfire in November 2006.

If there is a problem Jennifer can be contacted by email at jennifermarohasy at  If it is urgent she can be telephoned in Australia on 041 887 32 22 [international callers 61 41 887 32  22].


1. In July 2008 the Australian media recognised the blog as provoking defensive comment from mainstream climate scientists with discussion on ABC television’s Lateline program and an article in The Australian entitled ‘Key Degrees of Difference’.  Journalist Cameron Stewart  quotes Jennifer Marohasy in The Australian describing claims by the Climate Change Minister, Penny Wong, that the “the 12 hottest years in history have all been in the last 13 years” as “plain wrong”; click here.

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