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Surely Senator Birmingham has an obligation to take some interest in the Bureau's revisionist approach to the nation's temperature data!

Revisionist Approach Destroys Information About Natural Cycles Embedded in Climate Data

“THE process of long range forecasting is thousands of years in the making and is still used in older cultures. The Greeks inherited their knowledge from the people of the Indus Valley and Asia, Hebraic Sumerians, Chaldeans and from northern Africa. Agricultural economies needed reliable calendars and recognition of systems that both influenced and tracked […]

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Jennifer Marohasy outside Trinity Chapel in Melbourne for a wedding early August 2014.  Wearing a possum and sheep skin coat: it was very cold.

Open Thread

“ONLY beliefs are true or false, or sentences that express beliefs.” That’s according to Marianne Talbot, University of Oxford, explaining “critical reasoning” in a course available for download through iTunes. A theory, like anthropogenic global warming, is of course, meant to be scientifically-based so it should be open to logical argument and falsification.

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