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Facebook, And

I’ve a Facebook account and I’ve started posting information there that is not about the natural environment, but that I think is important.  A reader of this blog, Neville, sent me a link to a podcast of Alan Jones on 2GB talking this morning about Julia Gillard and her involvement with the AWU.   Alan Jones can go on a bit, but this morning he was unusually specific and focused.

You can hear the podcast at the 2GB website or via my Facebook page.  Following is a simple screenshot of the post at Facebook.  To link directly to my Facebook page look for the photograph of me on the RHS column of this blog home page and click on for the link.  Cheers,


17 Responses to “Facebook, And”

  1. Comment from: jennifer

    Here is a direct link to the podcast:

  2. Comment from: John Sayers

    Yes – it was his farewell report as he leaves Annie on Sunday and flies to the UK where 2GB will broadcast the Olympic Games.
    She can’t cover it up for much longer IMO.

  3. Comment from: Johnathan Wilkes

    John Sayers
    I’m sure this “it was his farewell report as he leaves Annie on Sunday” is easy to understand, if one is in the ‘know’ but I’m not.
    Care to elucidate?

    As to the PM, I’m sure her days are numbered, hence the free for all.

  4. Comment from: John Sayers

    Johnathan – Alan has been starring in Annie, the musical with Nancy Hayes and Anthony Warlow – he plays Roosevelt.
    He finishes up on Sunday after 212 performances in Sydney, Brisbane and recently Melbourne. Yet he has also continued his morning radio show – his endurance is to be commended.

    So today was his last major programme before he flies out to the UK to cover the opening ceremony on Saturday.

    So I suspect he tossed this little gem onto the fire as a parting gesture.

  5. Comment from: Johnathan Wilkes

    Thank you John, my ignorance of all matters re. light theatrical publicly displayed.

  6. Comment from: Debbie

    Parting gesture? :-)
    More like a cat amongst the pigeons !
    I hardly ever listen to the radio….and never AJ….but will listen when I am sent links by others with a recommendation.
    All I can say is OMG!
    I do believe in the presumption of innocence….but I also believe that if there is a PF case to be answered then it most certainly should be answered….especially when it involves the highest office in the land.
    I agree with Jen that AJ was unusually specific and focused.
    I guess he had to be extra careful considering what was explained about the killing of this story on previous occaisions?

  7. Comment from: Neville

    More on the AWU scandal from the Bolter listing bank accounts and numbers.

    BTW that “I was young and naive ” defense must be the joke of the century, about as credible as “taking action on climate change and “we are tackling CC ” BS.

    But why wasn’t this front page news a decade ago and why isn’t it now? What is the hold these unions and labor have over the MSM?
    Just imagine how this would run if it was Abbott or Howard or Costello involved in such a scandal.
    Their feet wouldn’t have touched the ground and they would’ve been charged years ago and made to face court.

    The MSM would have been relentless in the pursuit all day and every day.

  8. Comment from: Neville

    Here’s Michael Smith trying to get answers from Gillard.

    This bloke may have been sacked for his trouble but he should be applauded for his courage and tenacity.

  9. Comment from: cohenite

    Gillard said she was young and naive when she was working for Slater and Gordon with Wilson as her client, and I mean working in every sense because it is possible professional misconduct to be having a relationship with a client, a fact overlooked in the more profound aspects of the matter.

    But anyway, noone who works for S&G is young and naive.

  10. Comment from: John Sayers

    especially when you are a partner which I think she was.

  11. Comment from: Jennifer Marohasy

    Hi Cohenite

    Given your legal training, could you please list the most obvious of the specific errors in law and also breaches of professional conduct by Ms Gillard that are alleged in this case?

    I haven’t seen any analysis of this by a lawyer.

  12. Comment from: cohenite

    Hi Jennifer.

    Nothing is alleged against Gillard at this stage. What we have is some reporters who are compiling information from potential witnesses such as Ian Cambridge, Bob Kernohan and Bruce Wilson himself.

    It should be remembered that Wilson was never charged; and this is despite McClelland’s various statements to Federal Parliament; for instance:

    George Brandis’s speech is a useful summary [note the tie in with the HSU scandal by Joyce]:

    Of course the matter was first discussed in the Victorian Parliament in 2001:

    So, we have a situation where we have alleged that Wilson misappropriated Union funds via the setting up of clandestine accounts allegedly by Gillard who allegedly personally profited by this.

    Bearing in mind that no formal charges have either been laid or if laid, not proceeded with it would be highly fanciful for me to speculate about potential charges which could be laid on the basis of the facts which have been alleged.

    However, my personal opinion is that this is going to get ugly.

  13. Comment from: John Sayers


  14. Comment from: Minister for Truth

    You dont have to be a qualifed lawyer to do set up an Incorporated Association… but it would have helped immensely.I am not a lawyer and have set up 2 over the years

    She as a qualified lawyer would have known what it was for, by the very name given to the Incorporated Association and the names of the office bearers involved.

    As a qualified lawyer, and partner, it would have been her responsibility to know.

    What a mess ..everything she touches seems to turn to crap.

  15. Comment from: Arnost

    Shane Dowling has been following the Bruce Wilson / Gillard “affair” for a while now:

    There are links there to past KCoA posts which in turn link to stat decs and Hansard discussions…

  16. Comment from: Another Ian

    There is a transcript of Allan Jones’s interview at


  17. Comment from: Louis Hissink


    My take is that it wasn’t union funds per se, but using AWU bonafides to extort money from building companies using subterfuge. Hence the lack of litigation- it’s a simple robin hood case not directly involving union funds.

    That said, it becomes union funds misappropriation when those funds are used to compensate companies stitched up by the Wilson scam, and then a good lawyer would make it appear otherwise in court.

    Hence the lack of action towards the usual suspects.