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Universe Getting Colder: New Nobel Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to three US-born scientists for overturning fundamental assumptions about the universe.   According to the Nobel Physics Committee their research on supernovae implies the universe will get increasingly colder as matter spreads across ever-vaster distances in space. [1]

According to Oliver K. Manuel, who occasionally emails me, their theory:

1. Negates the need for a “Big Bang” origin of the universe and “Dark Energy” to keep it expanding.

2. Confirms that in our infinite, cyclic cosmos [2] neutron-emission from surfaces of neutron stars – driven by neutron repulsion [3] -  occurs faster from smaller fragments of parent neutron stars, just as water evaporates faster from expanded surfaces of smaller water droplets!

3. Illustrates the need to reconsider the role of a rotating superconducting super-fluid in iron-rich supernova debris [4], and expulsion of magnetic fields from the Sun by the Meisner effect [5].


1. Studies of universe’s expansion win physics Nobel  2011-10-perlmutter-schmidt- riess-nobel-physics.html

2. “Is the Universe Expanding?”,  Journal of Cosmology 13, 4187-4190 (2011)

3. “Neutron repulsion”, APEIRON Journal, in press (2011)

4. B. W. Ninham, “Charged Bose gas in astrophysics”, Physics Letters 4, 278-279 (1963)

5. “Super-fluidity in the solar interior: Implications for solar eruptions and climate”, Journal of Fusion Energy 21, 193-198 (2002).

6.  Oliver K. Manuel, Former NASA Principal,Investigator for Apollo


18 Responses to “Universe Getting Colder: New Nobel Laureates”

  1. Comment from: spangled drongo

    It is interesting to note that Prof Schmidt had the temerity to say this:

  2. Comment from: John O'Sullivan

    Jennifer, This is excellent news and is supportive of Professor Manuel’s science. But you may want to correct your spelling at the beginning of the piece – ‘Noble’ should be ‘Nobel.’

  3. Comment from: Neville

    Meanwhile Turnbull again proves he’s either a liar or a fool when he promotes China as a green champion.

    With the vote for a co2 tax coming up next Wednesday Turnbull’s stupid speech is an idiotic disgrace.

    For the record China and India’s co2 emissions will soar for decades to come while the developed world will nearly flatline.

    This is just another fool or liar who just cannot understand simple primary school maths.

    He has all the credentials to make a good Labor pollie.

  4. Comment from: spangled drongo

    Another Nobel winner proves the stupidity of “concensus”.

  5. Comment from: jennifer

    Thanks John. Corrections made. And they are also noble! Jen

  6. Comment from: Dennis Webb

    So as the universe expands, the sun moves further from the earth, and we get colder? So much for global warming!

  7. Comment from: spangled drongo

    Colder and lonelier, Dennis.

    But then we could also have more herbivores to keep us company:

  8. Comment from: el gordo

    Now you would think a puny comet would have little impact on mighty Sol, but when it happens twice its no coincidence.–13044.html

  9. Comment from: bazza

    Prof Schimdt should also be remembered for his stock hypothesis on what came before the Big Bang – foreplay. (Weekend Australian July 12 -13 1997 p24).

  10. Comment from: cementafriend

    This post at WUWT is notable Please watch the video which is also at and can be downloaded. What Prof. Sechtmann says is a good reply to all who believe in consenus. His comment about Linus Pauling (who was held up as the Chemistry guru) is interesting. There are always egotists around who think they know better and dismiss experimental results. Hansen & Trenberth come to mind. Here in Australia there are Steffen and Chubb who both appear not to understand (and have no experience in) the engineering disciplines of thermodynamics and heat&mass transfer.
    Keep up the good work Jennifer
    all the best cementafriend

  11. Comment from: cohenite

    What fascinates me about the increasing at an increasing rate fabulous universe is what powers it? Where is the yeast for this rising cake?

  12. Comment from: el gordo

    They have confirmed that the Mass Migration Period (4th to 7th centuries) actually happened.

  13. Comment from: Faux Science Slayer

    Einstein stated that the universe must be expanding, contracting or rotating. When Hubble discovered the ‘red shift’ he offered expansion as ONE possibility, but a short time later said this…,9171,757145,00.html

    Then Einstein & fellow Princeton professor announced the the universe was in fact ROTATING in 1949. They were ordered by the CIA to remain silent on this issue because of national security potential.

    In “Physics Essays” article “Confirmation of Helical Travel of Light”, Robert Ashworth proves that the photon moves in helical path at the square root of two times the speed of light. The ‘wave’ from this motion is the speed of light. The photon carries the spectrum information on the light source and is thus shifted by angular momentum. The universe is NOT expanding.

    Read the full series on this at and ask yourself, why would the elite controlled shadow government want to create this big bang fraud ? ? ?

  14. Comment from: Oliver K. Manuel

    Neutron-emission from the core is the process that powers the Sun and other stars.

    Neutron-decay and ejection of the decay-product (hydrogen) to interstellar space causes expansion of the universe.

    Neutron-decay generates hydrogen that accumulates as an incandescent cloud (photosphere) before the star’s deep-seated magnetic fields eject the hydrogen into interstellar space by flares, eruptions, and the quiet solar wind.

    Changes in deep-seated magnetic fields are the key to understanding changes in Earth’s climate and in Earth’s magnetic poles.

    The distinguished Professor of math, physics and chemistry at ANU, Dr. Barry Ninham (ANU), provided the missing key to understanding climate change in 1963 [1].

    Professor Ninham helped Professor Stig Friberg and I use that key to explain solar eruptions and climate change in 2002 [2]:

    Expulsion of magnetic fields by the Meisner effect, driven by the rotating superconducting, super-fluid of iron-rich material that surrounds the pulsar core [1,2]

    1. B. W. Ninham, “Charged Bose gas in astrophysics”, Physics Letters 4, 278-279 (1963)

    2. “Super-fluidity in the solar interior: Implications for solar eruptions and climate”, Journal of Fusion Energy 21, 193-198 (2002).

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel

  15. Comment from: Oliver K. Manuel

    To understand Earth’s changing climate, start Professor Ninham’s 1963 paper and see recent comments on:

  16. Comment from: cohenite

    Thanks Oliver; perhaps I did not phase my ‘magic pudding’ question properly; even if, as you say,

    “Neutron-decay and ejection of the decay-product (hydrogen) to interstellar space causes expansion of the universe.”

    How does that explain the acceleration of that expansion?

  17. Comment from: Nasif Nahle

    Dear Cohenite… The answer to your question is negative pressure from the true void on protons and other particles. On the other hand, remember that photons have inertial mass.

  18. Comment from: cohenite

    I’d sure like a boxful of that negative pressure!