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Update August 1, 2010 – There will be a federal election in Australian on August 21, 2010.  Neither of the major parties has a serious climate change policy.   ‘Least-worst climate policy?’ by Jennifer Marohasy at Quadrant Online. Update June 21, 2010 – I am back publishing in the peer-reviewed literature.  First article for a while:  ‘Accessing environmental […]

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Learning Dust Lesson to Fight Wildfires

IT is generally agreed that the worst dust storms since European settlement were during the 1944-1945 period.   In his book Out of the West: A Historical Perspective of the Western Division of NSW, former Western Lands Commissioner, Dick Condon, says there were 34 severe dust storms at Wagga Wagga during the period 1944-45, many so […]

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Early Warning of Massive Earthquates Possible: John McRobert

EARLY  Wednesday morning a 8.3 magnitude earthquake caused a tsunami in the Pacific, killing at least 140 people in Samoa and Tonga. Later in the day a 7.6 magnitude earthquake hit western Sumatra in Indonesia, drowning hundreds of people and burying thousands more under rubble. Many in Samoa claim the warning system in place failed […]

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Working to Develop More Reliable Methodology: Keith Briffa

THE United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and most others who believe in anthropogenic global warming (AGW), have been influenced by the work of climatologists relying on tree-ring data to reconstruct past climate because the thermometer record only goes back to about 1850.  The claim that there has been an unprecedented upswing in […]

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