Archive | December 20, 2007

Lots of Examples of Cold Weather in 2007

I am waiting for the official reports that will come out in January 2008 telling us how much hotter or colder this year has been relative to the long term average, but in the meantime the following opinion piece by David Deming, a geophysicist at the University of Oklahoma, is full of the anecdotal suggesting […]

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Of Kookaburras and Catbirds

According to our most outspoken local adherent to Al Gore, business owners within the Daintree Cape Tribulation rainforest community need to start taking some responsibility and planning for a very different future to what we are used to. We cannot anticipate a never-ending tourism market into the foreseeable future – I suspect we have 5-years […]

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Rainforest Katydids

Katydids grow incrementally, from the exoskeletal confines of one instar to the next. They emerge from a hanging position on warm, still, humid nights and rely on a very limited variation of climatic tolerances. They will not survive the moult if it rains too heavily. Colouring and hardening takes several hours to complete. This (unidentified) […]

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