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Exxon Mobile Saves Tigers? A Note from Ann Novek

Brendan Moyle has previously provided us with alternative ways to save tigers from extinction. Now the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies states that tiger parts are not necessary for traditional medicines, and alternatives are available and effective. Can this statement from the organisation save tigers? Excerpts from an opinion letter to the Los Angeles […]

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Another One Bites The Dust

VA State Climatologist skeptical of global warming loses job after clash with Governor: ‘I was told that I could not speak in public’ Excerpt: Gov. Kaine had warned Michaels not to use his official title in discussing his views. “I resigned as Virginia state climatologist because I was told that I could not speak in […]

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An Inconvenient Youth

Wall Street Journal ‘Mom, we gotta buy a hybrid!’ Kids are becoming the green movement’s stealth weapon, pressuring their parents on everything from lightbulbs to composting. Inside the push to create the littlest eco-warriors. Inconvenient Youths: Eco-warrior kids go after parents for ‘environmental offenses’ Excerpt: In households across the country, kids are going after their […]

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The Ecological Impacts of Electricity in the Daintree

“How do you think the unique fauna of the Daintree rainforest will fare against anthropogenic global warming?” The inquiry was put to me last night at the conclusion of a nocturnal wildlife spotting tour and such questions are becoming more frequent. I answered that I understood that the greatest losses suffered by the inhabitants of […]

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Greenhouse 2007, 2-5 October 2007, The Hilton, Sydney

“GREENHOUSE 2007 is a unique opportunity to hear the latest findings in climate science, and discuss the implications for Australia and the region. Approximately 50 of the world’s leading climate researchers will attend, including John Church, Ann Henderson-Sellers, Phil Jones, Jerry Meehl and Kevin Trenberth. We are also pleased to confirm that Dr Jim Peacock, […]

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Bush Goes Green (Sort Of)

White House Press Release President Bush Participates in Major Economies Meeting on Energy Security and Climate Change THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Thank you. Welcome to the State Department. I’m honored to address this historic meeting on energy security and climate change. And I appreciate you all being here. Energy security and climate change are two […]

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