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New Research Challenges Established Ozone Hole Theory

Nature 449, 382-383 (27 September 2007) Chemists poke holes in ozone theory Quirin Schiermeier Reaction data of crucial chloride compounds called into question. Extract: As the world marks 20 years since the introduction of the Montreal Protocol to protect the ozone layer, Nature has learned of experimental data that threaten to shatter established theories of […]

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Pumping Water to Stop Climate Change

James Lovelock’s plan to pump ocean water to stop climate change is reported in the UK’s Daily Telegraph today, 27th September. A plan to save our world from extreme climate change by pumping cold water from the depths of the oceans is outlined today by James Lovelock, the scientist who inspired the greens. James Lovelock […]

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The Macquarie Marshes: An Ecological History

I was at Burrima in the Macquarie Marshes yesterday for the launch of an important piece of research by Gillian Hogendyk: The Macquarie Marshes: An Ecological History, published as an Occasional Paper by the Institute of Public Affairs, September 2007. Speakers included Don Burke (Australian Environment Foundation), Professor David Mitchell (Charles Stuart University) and Bertie […]

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Failed Wheat Crops and a Note from Bill Kininmonth

When somebody is down on their luck they are fair game for getting a cheap swipe. Drought continues [in Australia] and so the rural community are in the gunsights. It is the farmer’s environmentally unfriendly land management practices that are contributing to global warming, so it is said . It might never rain again! Repent […]

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Valid Criticism or an Attempt to Discredit Carbon Offsetting?

The following article appered in The Sunday Times on 23rd September: The ‘carbon offset’ child labourers, Indians work off West’s holiday guilt. Extracts: Pumping furiously on a foot treadle in the afternoon heat, six-year-old Sarju Ram is irrigating her impoverished family’s field, improving the crop and – without knowing it – helping environmentally sensitive holiday-makers […]

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