Archive | September 3, 2007

Senator Inhofe Claims Consensus Media-Driven

According to Senator James Inhofe of the US Senate Environment & Public Works Committee, the “global warming consensus” continues to melt away: “We are witnessing an international awakening of scientists who are speaking out in opposition to former Vice President Al Gore, the United Nations, and the media-driven “consensus” on man-made global warming. In May, […]

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Aerosol-Abatement Strategies to Reduce AGW

“Stephen Schwartz knows as much about the effects of aerosols on climate change as anyone in the world, and he’s worried. He believes climate change is so massive an economic issue that we face costs “in the trillions if not quadrillions of dollars.” He thinks a Herculean effort and great sacrifice is required to get […]

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Frogs and Snakes

When Stoney Creek treefrogs (Litoria lesueuri) mate, hundreds of males congregate around three or four females. In contrast to their normal olive drab, the much smaller and more numerous males display their state of excitement by becoming brilliant bright yellow. I have never seen any any nocturnal snakes avail themselves of these veritable smorgasborgs; perhaps […]

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Mossman Sugar Trials

It has been my observation that the little-known prehensile-tailed rat (Pogonomys mollipilosus) loves the sweet gel around the seeds of cocoa beans and I have wondered how cocoa can be protected from their adverse economic enthusiasms. The notion may well come to a head, with Mossman Agricultural Services helping to develop a cocoa industry with […]

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