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March 2007
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Archive for March, 2007

More from More AGW Skeptics

I have just been alerted to new papers at the ‘Centre for Science and Public Policy’ website: ‘Unmasking An Inconvenient Truth’ by William Kininmonth (pdf, about 1Mb) ‘Human-caused Global Warming’ by Robert M. Carter (pdf, about 1MB)


Reducing Emissions by 60 Percent: Australian Labor Follows British Labour Lead

Europe and the UK have committed to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases by 60 percent by 2050 and the Australian Labor party has now followed suit. Labor spokesperson for the environment, Peter Garrett, writing for, claims: “There is a national consensus developing. Mums and Dads, farmers, business people, scientists, religious leaders and working people [...]

Should Rats Eat Corn?

“In the past 2 weeks there has been considerable press about a forthcoming article in the journal Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology. This article ‘New Analysis of a Rat Feeding Study with a Genetically Modified Maize Reveals Signs of Hepatorenal Toxicity’ by Gilles-Eric Séralini, Dominique Cellier and Joël Spiroux de Vendomois, purports to show [...]

Global Initiative on Forests and Climate: Media Release from Australian Prime Minister

“Today the Australian Government launched a Global Initiative on Forests and Climate. This represents a material advance in the global effort to tackle climate change and protect the world’s forests, according to a media release from the office of the Australian Prime Minister. The media release continued, “the Australian Government has committed $200 million to [...]

Why Are There No Major “Spikes or Troughs” in the Official Direct Measurements of C02? A Note from Arnost

I was fascinated by some of the issues raised and explanations given by Arnost, posted here as a comment late last night in response to a comment from Paul Biggs: “Hi Paul, Kudos to you for asking great questions and especially questions that risk undermining your position: I may not be a “solarphile” but by [...]

American Meteorologists Launch Weblog on Climate Policy

Meteorologists know a lot about climate, or at least they should. But are they the best group to be promoting policy responses to say ‘climate change’? Once upon a time scientists mostly just provided quality information, and then those with, for example, expertise in economics, looked for best potential policy solutions? Anyway, I have just [...]

San Francisco Bans Plastic Bags? Not Really

The headline gives the impression San Francisco has banned plastic shopping bags. Indeed the San Francisco Chronicle reported yesterday that the San Franciso Board of Supervisors approved groundbreaking legislation on Tuesday to “outlaw plastic checkout bags at large supermarkets in about six months and large chain pharmacies in about a year”. It is apparently the [...]

Greenpeace Prevented from Docking in Tokyo Harbour: Media Release from Japan Whaling Association

“The Japan Whaling Association today congratulated the All Japan Seamen’s Union (AJSU) in their support for the safety of martime workers at sea by protesting the arrival of Greenpeace vessel Esperanza and preventing it from docking in Tokyo harbour. That’s according to a media release from the Japan Whaling Association. The media release continues: “Over [...]

Tasmanian Pulp Mill at Crossroads: A Note from Cinders

Hi Jennifer, For a second time since the late 1980’s a pulp mill in Tasmania has been delayed by green campaigning. This week we will see if another pulp mill – a value adding, downstream processing, job-creating factory – will also be thrown on the political scrap heap. If the pulp mill assessment Bill is [...]

A Re-Evaluation of the Historical Literature on Atmospheric C02 Levels: A Paper by Ernst-Georg Beck

Hi Jen, I don’t know if you have seen this new paper in the journal ‘Energy and Environment’ by Ernest-Georg Beck, entitled ’180 Years of Atmospheric C02 Analysis by Chemical Methods’, now available online here with supporting data. The absract follows: “More than 90,000 accurate chemical analyses of CO2 in air since 1812 are summarised. [...]