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February 2007
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Archive for February, 2007

An Inconvenient Oscar

The documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, in which former Vice President Al Gore explains the current “climate crisis” and how Australia must sign the Kyoto Protocol to stop global warming, last night won an Oscar Award for best documentary film. The Oscars are awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles [...]


The Language of Climate Change: A Note from Luke Walker

Last night Australia’s “premier television current affairs program” Four Corners showed a documentary purportedly about the “campaign to deny the science of global warming”. A regular reader and commentator at this blog, Luke Walker, emailed me the following comment on the program: Hi Jennifer, ABC Four Corners last night aired CBC’s news magazine show The [...]

Licola Flood: A Note from Ralph Barraclough

Late last year there were terrible bushfires across north eastern Victoria. Max Rheese sent us a note suggesting there was a need for more prescribed burning. Now there is isolated flooding. Following is a note and some photographs from Ralph Barraclough a landholder and a fire brigade captain with land adjacent and surrounded by the [...]

Why Environmental Scientists Can’t Predict the Future: A New Book

There was a book review in The New York Times last week by Cornelia Dean which began: “When coastal engineers decide whether to dredge sand and pump it onto an eroded beach, they use mathematical models to predict how much sand they will need, when and where they must apply it, the rate it will [...]

GM Chickens for Therapeutic Drugs: A Note from Paul Williams

Hi Jennifer, There has been quite a lot of discussion about Genetically Modified (GM) organisms related to vegetable products, but I wonder if readers are aware that GM, or transgenic animals are also a subject of study. Here is a link to an article that describes the production of transgenic hens which can produce eggs [...]

Whaling Mother Ship Being Repaired: A Note from Glenn Inwood

I emailed Glenn Inwood yesterday. He is a spokesman for the Japanese whalers in the Antarctic whose mother ship the Nisshin Maru had to be evacuated last week after a fire broke out. Greenpeace has been concerned the stricken ship could end up an ecological disaster with 1.3 million litres of fuel potentially leaking into [...]

Less Carbon, Less Kenyan Produce for Tesco

Flying airplanes generates a lot of greenhouse gas emissions. So, according to the global warming doomsayers we should endeavor to fly less. Indeed according to a recent article at the Bishop of London has proclaimed that it is a sin to fly on holidays. British supermarket chain Tesco has extended the logic to food. [...]

New Open Renewable Not-For-Profit Energy Project: A Note from Robert Rohatensky

Hi Jennifer, We are involved in a not-for-profit project to develop a system for clean, location independent and renewable electrical power generation that can be built from common materials. The system design of the project is being managed in a not-for-profit and open manner and applies the same methodologies and principles that have made Linux [...]

Queensland Water for Southern Irrigators: The Bizarre Beattie-Bradfield Plan

Just 2 years ago the Queensland government passed the Wild Rivers Act 2005. It’s purportedly about preserving the natural values of wild rivers through regulating future development while maintaining grazing, fishing and eco-tourism. The bottom-line is that the legislation was championed by activists to stop the further development of irrigation in north Queensland. The legislation [...]

Professor Ian Lowe Wrong, But By Not Quite So Much

A couple of days ago I reported on a landmark decision in the Queensland Land and Resources Tribunal. It was decided that operations at a coal mine in central Queensland could be expanded without any of the conditions sought by two environmental groups, inparticular that mining giant Xstrata avoid, reduce or offset the greenhouse gas [...]