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October 2006
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Archive for October, 2006

Hoping for Justice in Indonesia

Tommy Suharto, the eldest son of a former Indonesian President, was released from jail today having served only part of a very lenient jail term after being found guilty of organising the successful murder of a Supreme Court Judge. The Suharto trial and early prison release casts some doubt over the integrity of the Indonesian [...]


Sir Nicholas Stern’s Report: First Impressions

Some British economist puts out a report on the economics of climate change for her majesty the Queen and the Australian media and the Left go gag-gag. Fran Kelly from your ABC announced it as The Report the world has been waiting for. Lying in bed this morning listening to Fran, I was wishing, yet [...]

A Sumatran Tiger

Sustainable use for conservation has been a focus of two recent articles at BBC News. Eugune Lapointe put the argument for commercial trade in ivory in a piece entitled ‘Hunting for Conservation Solutions’ and a second piece by Eli Leadbeater entitled ‘Hunting has Conservation Role’ had a similar message ending with comment that, “In the [...]

Weekend Reading

Following are links to some interesting opinion pieces: 1. Lessons From the Lavender Boys Denis Avery’s Hudson Institute Thursday October 26, 2006 Researchers have finally found the first confirmed gender-bending consumer products: natural lavender oil, natural tea tree oil, and natural soybeans. The findings strongly say consumers should stop worrying over insignificant traces of man-made [...]

But Farmers Are Not Meant To Grow Crops During Drought

According to M. Chalmers from Bundaberg, “It has taken a long time, many years in fact, but the Government has finally admitted that Australia is suffering from a severe drought.” So begins this letter to the editor in Queensland’s rural weekly The Queensland Country Life. The letter goes on to explain that “lack of rain [...]

Evidence Linking Ice Shelf Collapse with Human Activity

A direct link between human activity and the break-up of the Larsen Ice Shelf in Antarctica has been demonstrated according to Dr Gareth Marshall, the lead author of a recent paper entitled ‘The Impact of a changing Southern Hemisphere Annular Mode on Antarctic Summer Temperatures’ in the Journal of Climate (Vol 19: pg. 5388-5404). Dr [...]

About Richard Ness, by Eric

My Dad, Richard Ness, is the President Director of PT Newmont Minahasa Raya and is currently on trial in Indonesia. He and my step mom Nova, have five sons. My step Mom was born in Indonesia and Dad has spent a total of over 20 years in various parts of Indonesia and also in other [...]

Environmentalists Win, Win, Win on Climate Change: Ben Oquist

The “environmentalists’ arguments about climate change” are being accepted across Australia: embraced by everyone from Mel and Kochie, presenters of popular TV program Sunrise, to the Prime Minister John Howard. That was the message from Ben Oquist, political consultant and former Bob Brown adviser, writing yesterday in Australia’s tabloid e-news journal Crikey. Oquist went on [...]

Log a Tree, Sequest Some Carbon: Mark Poynter

Only 10 percent of Victoria’s native forests are logged. Yet anti-logging campaigners are still unhappy, ramping up a campaign in conjunction with the upcoming state election to have the industry closed down completely. Why anyone would oppose the sustainable harvest of such a small percentage of Victoria’s extensive native forest estate is difficult for me [...]

Kelvin Thomson Vilifies IPA Over Global Warming

Anyone who questions global warming is spreading misinformation and undermining the scientific consensus according to Kelvin Thomson, Australia’s shadow minister for public accountability and human services. This senior member of the Labor party recently wrote to Australian companies warning them away from the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA)*. The letter states we are propagandists and [...]