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Archive for March, 2006

Blair Announces New ‘Politics & Environment Wiki’

Jennifer has kindly asked me to write a few introductory words as part of the launch of the new ‘Politics and Environment Wiki’. As one who knows bugger-all about Wikis I guess I am eminently qualified… a bit like asking some of the commentators at this blog to say a few words about global warming! [...]


What About the Sun & Max Planck & Nature?

David posted the following comment this morning at this blog: “We know that the globe is warming very rapidly (~0.2C/decade), and that this warming has occured in the absence of any natural forcing process and is occuring about 10 times faster than the sustained warming at the end of the last ice age.” And it [...]

The High Cost of Pseudo-Environmentalism

The results of following the policy prescriptions of pseudo-environmentalists like Rachel Carson and Paul Ehrlich is not a cleaner environment but inefficient use of scarce resources, according to a new video featuring Walter Williams, professor of economics at George Mason University, and Dr. Fred Singer from the Science and Environmental Policy Project. I have not [...]

Tony Blair & John Howard Talk ‘Climate Strategies’

While British Prime Minister Tony Blair was in Australia earlier this week he apparently talked with our PM about Britain joining the recently formed Asia- Pacific Partnership on Clean Development, know as the AP6 because there are currently six participating countries. According to the The Australian Tony Blair was interesting in forging a post-Kyoto accord [...]

Geoff Sherrington Responds to Chattering Class

I am responding to the criticism of my letter in ‘The Australian’ of 15 February 2006 which read: “THERE is an excellent argument for curbing the public statements of scientists like those from CSIRO, a former employer of mine. Scientists, like the public, cover a spectrum of beliefs, some of which are based on emotion [...]

More Water Won’t Save the Macquarie Marshes

Yesterday the Sydney Morning Herald ran yet another nonsense story about the Macquarie Marshes. I reckon that their journalist, Anne Davies, was hoodwinked. There is a strong belief that more water, in particular more environmental flows, will solve the environmental problems of the Murray-Darling Basin. Flood plain graziers have a vested interest in lobbying for [...]

Apology Owed to CSIRO and BOM: Geoffrey Sherrington Letter Misleading

“On the 15th February The Australian newspaper published a letter from Geoffrey Sherrington of North Balwyn, Victoria, alleging that CSIRO fraudulently selected weather recording sites that showed more warming, including sites predominantly from capital cities under suspicion for heat island effects. This would give a result that suggested global warming, even if most weather recording [...]

The Whale: A Fish in Japanese Eyes (Part 1)

Glen Inwood recently sent me some books about whaling from a Japanese perspective. They are so interesting with a lot of history. Given many readers of this blog have a particular interest in whaling, I plan to post some extracts from these books over the next few months. Here’s the first installment: “Since time immemorial, [...]

Some Forests Need Fire: Dieback Spreading in Eucalpytus Forests

Some months ago I received a note from a forester about dieback in native Australian forests, following is an edited version: “There is a very large and growing forest health issue particularly in the dryer forest types. Die back known by a variety of names from Bell Bird Dieback to Mundulla yellows is affecting thousands [...]

Nature Favors Wikipedia?

There is currently something of a dispute between Encyclopedia Britannica and science journal Nature on the accuracy of a study Nature conducted some time ago comparing information in the Encyclopedia with the information available on the internet at Wikipedia. The Nature study concluded that Wikipedia was as reliable and readable a source of information as [...]