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June 2005
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Archive for June, 2005

How Much More Water?

It has been very wet in Brisbane over the last couple of days. But not as wet as on the Gold Coast where over 400mm has fallen over the last 24 hours. The Hinze Dam, that supplies the Gold Coast, is predicted to fill completely some time this evening. But there has not been much [...]


Fire, Folly & Dead Canaries

In National Parks, Reserves, and on private property in south-western Australia, grasstrees are under termite attack, rotting, breaking off, and toppling over, due to vast accumulation of thatch. The grasstree in this photograph, with heavy thatch removed by hand to show the decay underneath, is typical of thousands. View image of grasstree rotting under long [...]

Stop Global Warming, Stop Burning-Off in the NT

Maybe I have been a bit harsh with my title for this post? Then again, I am, after all, at heart, a global warming skeptic. And now the NT government is proposing aboriginals stop burning-off to reduce C02 emmissions. “Government figures show the Territory has Australia’s highest rate of emissions per person. The service’s hazard [...]

Cane Toads Threaten WA?

I received the following email from someone looking for advice: “I rarely get involved in environmental causes but I think this one is worth it because the opportunity seems to be now or never. The consequences of cane toads don’t seem to be life or death but I’d certainly rather live without them and also [...]

Taralga’s Potential Windmills

Some residents of Taralga don’t like windmills and have sent me the following poster picture Download file (180 kb). It came with the following text: “Place on notice boards, dart boards, toilet doors……the mind boggles. Let’s just get the message out. No prizes for the most original use…………….” I am not sure that windmills are [...]

On Pious Hope & Queensland’s Rangelands

The following note on rangeland management is from a reader of this blog who lives in western Queensland. The note was followed by the the comment that, “a major problem of rangeland management is that politicians and bureaucrats have undying faith in the efficacy of pious hope and regulation to rectify problems now largely caused [...]

GM Ban Challenged

It is not every day that I agree with the Hon Warren Truss MP but today’s media release from him is a beauty: Australian Agriculture Minister Warren Truss today called on State and Territory governments to end their moratoria on the cultivation of GM crops if they are at all serious about making their jurisdictions [...]

Managing Our Rangelands (Part 2)

In my first post on rangelands (Part 1, posted 22nd June), I wrote how these are vast areas covering most of Australia. And I asked the question, how should these areas be managed/not managed? Graham Finlayson is a reader of this blog and has a property near Bourke in New South Wales. Graham is also [...]

Sunrise at Forster

I have just spent a few days at Forster, Great Lakes Region, North Coast, New South Wales. Dawn yesterday was magnificent. And this is what it looked like at Forster – at the beach (file size 38 kbs).

Peer Review Process at IPCC Formally Questioned

A standing committee of the U.S. House of Representatives has formally written to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) questioning the integrity of the Third Assessment Report and asking nine specific questions. The letter from Committee Chairman, begins: Questions have been raised, according to a February 14, 2005 article in The Wall [...]