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Big Bang Rebuttal, Part 3: A Note from Joseph Olson

TOOL making and communication skills are easily distinguishing features between human beings and other species on this planet.  When coupled with a natural curiosity and the ability learn from our mistakes, we have lifted most humans from the vulgar realities of our ancestor’s existence.  For those bent on controlling others, tools and communication must be controlled […]

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Mysterious, ‘Dr X’ says Universe Is NOT Expanding: A Note from Joseph A. Olson

WHAT first began as ‘rumored’ science on conservative websites is now being reinforced by what can only be described as the foremost authority on the Expanding Universe.  The thought that there was a Non Expanding Theory has been introduced by a trained engineer, who has turned rogue astronomer.  The following quote from Dr X does […]

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Big Bang Rebuttal, Part 1: A Note from Joseph A. Olson

SUPERSTITION has exerted a powerful force on human psyche and history.  Strengthened with a few facts, a superstition becomes accepted reality until new perceptions can reopen debate.  That is an exciting possibility in today’s Nouveau Renaissance.  Humanity’s new course needs a road sign: “Caution, Falling False Paradigms Ahead”. Climategate has shown that even the most well […]

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