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Bushfire Management in Australian Forests: A Note from Roger Underwood

THERE is an old saying that one of the greatest of human failings is the inability to learn from the mistakes of others. One example is that of my 2-year old grandson who, despite being warned, could not resist testing the heat of the stove, and got his fingers burned. I have noted an identical [...]


Water Levels in the Swan River Estuary: A Personal Observation

I READ with interest an article in The Fremantle Herald newspaper in which global warming was blamed for rising sea levels, which in turn were said to be submerging the mud flats in the Swan River estuary and thus destroying the habitat of migratory birds. Reading it, I could not but reflect on my own [...]

Warnings about Bushfire Warnings: A Note from Roger Underwood

A PERSISTENT complaint from victims of the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria was that they had “received no warning”. Over and again we heard statements like this: “There was no fire anywhere, but the next thing, we had fire all around us. There was no word of warning, and we never stood a chance”. This [...]

Fire as a Threatening Process: A Note from Roger Underwood

ABOUT two months ago I received a “heads-up” from a mate who works in Canberra that Environment Minister Peter Garratt was considering listing prescribed burning as a threatening process under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act. At first I thought this was nonsense, but then I reflected on the attitudes towards prescribed burning that we [...]

Victorian Bushfires: The Result of Human Folly

THE catastrophic bushfires in Victoria this year, and the other great fires of recent years in Victoria, New South Wales, the ACT and South Australia are dramatic expressions not just of killing forces unleashed, but of human folly…     I am well aware of the drought, of the terrible conditions on the days of the fires, [...]

The Wilderness Society and Bushfire Management

Roger Underwood disagrees that there has been “massive increases in burning” which are “pushing wildlife to the brink of extinction”.

Climate Change and Institutional Self-fulfilment by Roger Underwood

I note that the Federal government has created a new agency called “The Department of Climate Change”. The department is not yet 10 months old, but is already well-established with a CEO, two assistant CEOs, four Divisions, thirteen Branches (including one devoted entirely to public affairs), and a large number of full-time public servants. Given [...]

The History of a Weather Station in Western Australia: Roger Underwood

I have recently made a superficial analysis of temperature trends at York, Western Australia, the nearest weather station to my place at Gwambygine. York is approximately 100 kms inland from the Indian Ocean, on about latitude 32. The weather data for York is interesting for two reasons: (i) there has been a continuously reporting weather [...]

Global Warming Hysteria in The West Australian: A Note from Roger Underwood

Over the last 6 months, readers of The West Australian newspaper have been subjected to a barrage of hysteria over global warming. Very bad news stories of one kind or another are published almost every day, all with the common theme that civilisation as we know it is about to be destroyed. Some of these [...]

Reading the Play – by Roger Underwood

The ability to “read the play” is a quality often ascribed to successful politicians, businessmen and sportsmen. The term refers to the ability to predict events and then to take an advantageous position in expectation of the prediction coming to fruition. In the sporting arena it is best seen in champion tennis players like Lew [...]