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Global Warming: Sweden to Gain Economically

SWEDEN is, like Australia, experiencing the effects of an upward trend in temperatures that by some has been attributed to the recorded increase in carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. However, Sweden unlike Australia is likely to gain economically from global warming. Sweden has been in the forefront of implementing energy efficient building standards borne […]

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Flower Power & Mobile Phones

BY ROGER KALLA ….ON RECYCLING The Australian Telecommunications Association wants us to think about recycling our 12 million disused mobile phones. I have got three defunct mobile lying around in my home. I don’t think I am an exception since mobile phones usually have got a lifespan of 18 – 24 months. Motorola together with […]

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Whitey On The Moon – Again

BY ROGER KALLA …NOT ON ENVIRONMENT Man is to step on the Moon again a decade from now in preparation for the huge leap to Mars. This has been seen by some as another reflection of the hubris of the Bush administration seriously out of touch with the pressing global threats facing our planet and […]

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Genetically Modified Athletes

BY ROGER KALLA ….not on environment There is less than 100 Days to go before the Commonwealth Games here in Melbourne. I can’t but wonder if we are going to see the first GM Athletes compete in the pool at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre or in the track and field events at the […]

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