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Why the ETS will not Succeed: Peter Lang

JUSTIFICATION for Australia’s carbon-pricing scheme assumes there will be a global carbon pricing system with our ETS a part of it. This assumption is probably wrong. It is unlikely a global carbon pricing system will be implemented, let alone sustained for the decades or even centuries that would be required. Without a global carbon-pricing system, […]

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What the Carbon Tax and ETS will Really Cost: Peter Lang

Tomorrow, July 1, Australia gets the carbon tax the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, promised she would never introduce.   The nation’s 500 “biggest polluters” will start paying a $23-a-tonne carbon price. Retired geologist and engineer, Peter Lang, calculates what this tax, and the Emissions Trading Scheme to follow, will really cost Australians: Introduction Popularly called the […]

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Why the Carbon Tax? Peter Lang

Dear Members of Parliament and Senators Why is the government insistent on implementing a CO2 price, given that it will not make any difference to the climate, or to sea levels, and most certainly will not “lead the world by example” (as has been so clearly demonstrated at the Copenhagen, Cancun and Durban conferences)? If […]

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Unbalanced Reporting on Solar Power: Peter Lang

Peter Lang sent a complaint to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) about last night’s 7:30 Report on solar power.  Here is a slightly reworded versions with hyperlinks added: “The ABC 7:30 report has improved greatly since Leigh Sales and Chris Uhlmann took over from Kerry O’Brien.  However, there have been lapses.  Last night’s 7:30 report on […]

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