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Paul Biggs’ New Blog

Hi Jen, is now live.      Regards, Paul Biggs     ******* Paul’s nearly 500 posts at this blog are archived here:   


Australian IPS Space Weather Agency Moves Solar Cycle 24 Predication Away by 6 Months

Due to the proximity of the IPS predicted rise of solar cycle 24 to observed solar cycle 23 solar minimum values, and the apparent lack of new Cycle 24 sunspots, IPS has again moved the predicted solar cycle away by 6 months. Ionospheric Prediction Service (IPS): CYCLE 24 PREDICTION MOVED AWAY BY 6 MONTHS Hat [...]

More Hurricane Reality

A new paper published in GRL gives a 1000-year perspective on Hurricane activity in Boston, USA. The paper is entitled: ‘A 1,000-year, annually-resolved record of hurricane activity from Boston, Massachusetts,’ by Besonen et al. The Abstract states: The annually-laminated (i.e., varved) sediment record from the Lower Mystic Lake (near Boston, MA), contains a series of [...]

A Spot of Controversy

The current cycle of the sun is taking a long time to start, triggering different explanations, writes Mark Lawson in an article entitled: ‘Scientists disagree over lack of sunspots,’ published in the Australian Financial Review (subscription required). Excerpt: Despite being dismissed by a number of scientists as of little consequence to the present discussion of [...]

WWF Spills ‘Virtual Water’

WWF used to be the World Wildlife Fund, but these days it has a rather different agenda at the forefront of climate alarmism. In their latest ‘report,’ WWF have used the concepts of a ‘Water Footprint’ and ‘Virtual Water.’ The UK Telegraph reports that, “The average person in the UK uses over 1000 gallons of [...]

Sea Surface Temperatures of the Oceans Surrounding Australia – A Note from Bob Tisdale

The extended title of the post is “Sea Surface Temperatures of the Oceans Surrounding Australia and the Magnitude of ENSO Events, ” because the following illustrations of Sea Surface Temperatures (SSTs) of Australian waters present an interesting effect, the impact of the magnitude of El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) events on SST. While I’ve seen it [...]

7000 Year Climate Record Shows Century-Long Droughts in North America and 1500 Year Solar Cycle

A stalagmite in a West Virginia cave has yielded the most detailed geological record to date on climate cycles in eastern North America over the past 7,000 years. The new study confirms that during periods when Earth received less solar radiation, the Atlantic Ocean cooled, icebergs increased and precipitation fell, creating a series of century-long [...]

The Story of the Caspar Amman Affair and the IPCC AR4 Paleoclimate Chapter

Bishop Hill blog has put together the story of the Amman and Wahl paper that purported to support the ‘hockey stick’ reconstruction of paleoclimate, cited in IPCC AR4: There has been the most extraordinary series of postings at Climate Audit over the last week. As is usual at CA, there is a heavy mathematics burden [...]

Two New Papers Examining the Hurricane-Climate Link

Two new papers examining the link between Hurricanes and climate have been published in the Journal of Climate. In the July edition, Gabriel A. Vecchi and Thomas R. Knutson have a paper entitled: ‘On Estimates of Historical North Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Activity’ The Abstract states: In this study, an estimate of the expected number of [...]

Conflict of Interest for Chairman of UK Environment Committee

Tim Yeo used his casting vote as chairman of the all-party Environmental Audit Select Committee to push through a report, published last week, which backed the decision by Alistair Darling, the Chancellor, that new, higher rates of vehicle excise duty (VED) rates should apply to previously-purchased cars. The committee had been evenly split, with three [...]