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New Daintree Rainforest Website: Neil Hewett

HAVE  you had a chance to check out the spectacular new Daintree Rainforest website?  Magnificent beauty and extraordinary biodiversity presented through a gallery of images in full-screen format.   The complexities of the oldest surviving rainforest in the world continue to challenge humanity as it strives to comprehend the continuity of growth, the intricate relationships and [...]


A spoonful of enviro-sugar helps the atmospheric medicine go down

In her 16th July 2008 media release, GREEN PAPER ON CARBON POLLUTION REDUCTION SCHEME RELEASED, Senator, the Hon. Penny Wong, Minister for Climate Change and Water, stated that: “Climate change threatens … icons like the Great Barrier Reef, the Kakadu wetlands and the multi billion dollar tourism industries they support.” The selection and juxtaposition of [...]

Escalating Unimproved Property Values in the Daintree

The land valuation of our property in the Daintree rainforest has recently jumped by 250%. This may well reflect market activity over the last few years, but then again, government intervention has largely influenced these changes, with broad scale expropriation of development rights, including the right to construct dwelling homes on freehold land. It is [...]

Injured Cassowary

About two months ago, this magnificent adult female cassowary (above) traversed alongside our house with a dreadful limp. At the time, cassowaries had been fighting, so I assumed this one had suffered an injury in such conflict. However, the big bird was not seen again for about two months and this was remarkable for this [...]

Anti-environment & Anti-tourism Policy in the Daintree

The ratepayers’ association for the Daintree Cape Tribulation area has called upon the Queensland Government to adopt a new policy for the provision of electricity, which protects the environment to the greatest possible extent and overcomes the contradictions of hundreds of concurrently running engine generators. In response, Mr. Phil Reeves MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the [...]

Close Encounter of the Cassowary Kind

Breakfast at Cooper Creek Wilderness took a dramatic turn this morning with the unexpected arrival of a distressed cassowary chick. Not more than a month old, its separation from its family unit was cause for great concern. It ran about whistling for its father, but without response. The image (above) shows the striped pattern providing [...]

Rainforest Cancer Cure One Step Closer

Dr Paul Reddell, co-founder Dr Victoria Gordon and the EcoBiotics team, have discovered a rainforest plant that produces a possible cancer-fighting molecule. Clinical trials of a previously untreatable type of cancer in horses have produced dramatic results: “The cancers were the size of a tennis ball to begin and following the injection of this drug [...]

Panelists Named for Iconic Extinction

Queensland’s former Douglas Shire is no more. Under amalgamation, the new Cairns Regional Shire extends where Douglas once existed, but not so far that its constituents remain entitled to elect representatives for the genuine care for development. Rather, for the first time in Queensland’s modern history, this entitlement has been usurped by Parliament, so that [...]

Excision from the National Electricity Grid

According to Professor Gavan McDonell, the national electricity grid stretches over 4,000 kilometres, connecting far North Queensland down through the eastern states to Tasmania and across to South Australia. However, there is one notable exclusion: the Daintree. One can almost here the collective expression of environmental conditioning, “Yes, but the ‘pristine Daintree’ is far too [...]

Reluctant Recognition of Rainforest Heritage

On the 11th July 1987, Australians voted the ALP and Bob Hawke into federal government. Labor’s campaign promise, to stop logging within Queensland’s Wet Tropical rainforests via World Heritage nomination, was well supported and true to its word, inscription was ratified a mere sixteen months later. World Heritage listing for the area’s Cultural Heritage was [...]