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Determining the Total Emissivity of a Mixture of Gases Containing Overlapping Absorption Bands: A Note from Nasif S. Nahle

Abstract According to anthropogenic global warming (AGW) theory, carbon dioxide increases the potential of water vapor to absorb and emit IR radiation as a consequence of the overlapping absorption/emission spectral bands. I have determined the total emissivity of a mixture of gases containing 5% of water vapor and 0.039% of carbon dioxide in all spectral [...]


Total Emissivity of the Earth and Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide: A Note from Nasif S. Nahle

Introduction Central to the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is the assumption that the Earth and every one of its subsystems behaviors as if they were blackbodies, that is their “emissivity” potential is calculated as 1.0. [1] But this is an erroneous assumption because the Earth and its subsystems are not blackbodies, but gray-bodies. [...]

Temperatures of Void Space and Microstates: A Note from Nasif S. Nahle

Introduction The general belief on the conditions of the deep space, beyond the terrestrial exosphere, is about a completely empty place without temperature. However, highly accurate measurements made by satellites, like the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) [2], have corroborated that the deep space has a temperature and, additionally, that it is not an absolutely [...]

Recycling of Heat in the Atmosphere is Impossible: A Note from Nasif S. Nahle

Introduction Key diagrams on the Earth’s energy budget depicts an exchange of energy between the surface and the atmosphere and their subsystems considering each system as if they were blackbodies with emissivities and absorptivities of 100% 1, 2. This kind of analyses shows a strange “multiplication” of the heat transferred from the surface to the atmosphere [...]

Effects of Gravity on the IR Quantum/Waves Frequency: A Note from Nasif S. Nahle

WE analyse the effect of gravity on the frequency of incident solar quantum/waves upon the surface, and on the quantum/waves emitted by the surface and the atmosphere.    This analysis shows that the IR quantum/waves emitted from the surface towards the atmosphere and the isotropic IR quantum/waves radiated by atmosphere lose energy by the effect of gravity, [...]

A Profitable Discharge of the Second Law of Thermodynamics: A Note from Nasif S. Nahle

Abstract OSRAM is one of the leading manufacturers of light bulbs in the world. They claim their OSRAM Tungsten light bulb is an “ecological” lamp3 because of a reduction in losses due to thermal radiation. In particular, they claim that due to a sophisticated coating on the bulb the thermal (infrared) radiation is reflected and [...]