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Saving Australia’s Forests for Carbon: Valid Science or Green Activism?

A RECENT Australian Government study of 115 key industries found that only the forestry sector was net carbon-positive. Yet, a major Wilderness Society campaign is advocating the closure of Australian timber industries to help mitigate climate change. Their campaign revolves around research by scientists from the Australian National University Fenner School of Environment and Society who […]

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The Cult of Celebrity and Tasmanian Forestry

THE public hysteria surrounding the proposed Tasmanian pulpmill shows that the logging of native forests remains one of Australia’s hottest environmental topics. This is surprising given that sustainable wood production is now permitted within just a net 6 per cent portion of the nation’s public forests, it is highly regulated, and it is regarded as […]

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National University fosters Forest Activism based on Ignorance: A Note from Mark Poynter

A recent paper by economist Dr Judith Ajani of the Australian National University’s Fenner School of Environment and Society, states that: Deforestation and the degradation of native forests account for an estimated 20 per cent of Australia’s annual net greenhouse gas emissions. Most of the degradation occurs via (wood) chip exports … Pardon? This is […]

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Log a Tree, Sequest Some Carbon: Mark Poynter

Only 10 percent of Victoria’s native forests are logged. Yet anti-logging campaigners are still unhappy, ramping up a campaign in conjunction with the upcoming state election to have the industry closed down completely. Why anyone would oppose the sustainable harvest of such a small percentage of Victoria’s extensive native forest estate is difficult for me […]

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