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On ‘Saving the World’ (Part 1)

“Not all environmental causes are sucker-proof. If one wants to fill up the inner void, by making the world a better place to live, then one should do one’s bloody homework first. And that includes becoming scientifically literate. If one is not willing to take that first step, then one should get a life, and […]

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Gurr the Toy Maker: A Note from Larry

BEFORE Jane Goodall’s pioneering study of wild chimpanzees, most of us believed that tool-use and especially tool-making were exclusively human activities. Goodall was intrigued when she first observed a chimp poking a stick into a termite mound, waiting a minute, pulling out the stick, and then licking off the termites. But a Border Collie named Gurr […]

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All-Red Snow Plants – Nourished by Fungi

IT emerges from the soil like a mini-plastic Christmas tree in the image of a red Mexican succulent.   But it’s not a succulent or even an entire plant and it’s not from Mexico.  Rather it’s the flowering stalk of a species closely related to the cranberry, blueberry, azalea and rhododendron and it grows in the Sierra Nevada […]

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