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Ten of the Worst Climate Research Papers: 5 Years On

I consider anthropogenic global warming, AGW, a failed theory, but it still shuffles on like an animated corpse sustained by money, politics and the faithful.  The faithful keep publishing junk science.  I put a list together of the 10 worst climate science research papers in September 2008 [1].  I added to this list in April [...]


Are Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO Reports Reliable? A Note from Cohenite

THE CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology [BOM] are the peak Australian scientific institutions. Various governments in Australia rely on the scientific conclusions from these government-funded scientific institutions. The assumption is that the scientific advice from the CSIRO and BOM is not only reliable but reasonable. But is it?   A regular contributor to this blog, [...]

Garnaut’s Second Update, Sceptics are the White Swans: A Note from David Stockwell and Cohenite

THE Australian government relies on various science experts to argue its case in favour of anthropogenic global warming [AGW]; people like Will Steffen, David Karoly and the ubiquitous Tim Flannery supply the scientific credentials for the government’s belief in AGW. The economic gravitas to the government’s proposed economics measures to solve AGW are provided by their [...]

David Stockwell and Anthony Cox reply to Lewandowsky and His Lies, Dam Lies and Statistics

COGNITIVE science is about the action and process of knowing, that is about intelligence and rational and non-rational intellectual processes. Professor Stephan Lewandowsky is a professor of Psychology specialising in cognitive process. He thinks the cognitive processes of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) sceptics is deficient and on the same level as “truthers” and other “conspiracy theorists”.  Furthermore, he [...]

Rhetoric from Climate Minister Disputed by Anthony Cox

MINISTER for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Greg Combet, believes in anthropogenic global warming.  Send him a request asking he justify this belief and the reply is likely to be long and full of appeals to authority:  “There is clear evidence that our climate is changing, largely due to anthropogenic greenhouse gases.  The Fourth Assessment Report, [...]

Energy Targets and Australian Politics: A Note from Cohenite

CLEAN coal increasingly appears to be neither scientifically feasible nor economically viable. The only real alternative for Australia is nuclear yet those most concerned about anthropogenic global warming (AGW) oppose it. Clean coal is the process of trapping carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of coal to prevent those emissions from entering the atmosphere. Local expert [...]

Climate Change Not Poised to Feed on Itself

ONE week ago the Sydney Morning Herald published an opinion piece by Michael Raupach from CSIRO and fourteen other Australian scientists making four key claims to support the theory of anthropogenic global warming (AGW).  A regular reader and commentator at this weblog, Cohenite, explains that the claims are not supported by the available evidence:  1. The world [...]

Defining the Greens (Part 9)

GREEN antipathy towards capitalism What To Say To Get A Girl Back. How To Won Love Back In Texts How To Get Girlfriend Back That Broke Up With U How To Get Your Ex Backmake your ex girlfriend want you back is based on an ideological animosity towards material prosperity; people like Australia’s Clive Hamilton [...]

More Worst AGW Papers: A Note from Cohenite

SINCE Copenhagen the intensity of doom and gloom [D&G] has been ratcheted up with such anthropogenic global warming luminaries as Will Steffan and David Karoly declaring their previous predictions not dire enough and so have been superseded by much worse predictions. Jay Leno has a good response to this; “According to a new U.N. report, [...]

Introducting A New Political Party: A Note from Cohenite

A new political party, The Climate Sceptics [TCS] has been formed to oppose the lemming-like political sameness of the major parties. With the R2 correlation between Labor and Liberal at 1 the TCS are both a world first and essential for reasonable public choice and information. The media have seriously let the public down in [...]