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Due Diligence on Science Underpinning Carbon Trade

YOU will have heard on the news over the last three weeks of the activities of Senator Steve Fielding in Australia. Steve is an independent cross-bench senator who holds a casting vote over the passage of the Australian ETS (termed the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme). After attending the Heartland-3 climate conference in Washington in early June this [...]


Sceptics Assess Government’s Climate Answers

Assessment of Minister Wong’s “Written Reply to Senator Fielding’s Three Questions on Climate Change” by Bob Carter, David Evans, Stewart Franks and William Kininmonth.  Read all here.

Fielding the Hard Questions on Climate Change (Part 4)

STEVE Fielding recently attended a climate change conference in Washington, DC. Listening to the papers presented, the Family First senator became puzzled that the scientific analyses they provided directly contradicted the reasons the Australian government had been giving as the justification for its emissions trading legislation. Fielding heard leading atmospheric physicist Dick Lindzen, of the [...]

On a Tortuous Political Problem: Bob Carter

LAST Wednesday, I had the privilege of appearing in front of the Australian Senate Select Committee on Climate Policy. My main advice to the committee was that making a decision regarding an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) must be considered as a cost:benefit matter. According to the only estimates that I could find, after ramp-up the cost [...]

Bob Carter Warns of Likely Global Cooling

THE National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported that October in the US was marked by 63 record snowfalls and 115 lowest-ever temperatures. Over the past few years, similar signs of colder than usual weather have been recorded all over the world, causing many people to question the still fashionable, but now long outdated, global warming [...]

Australia Needs a National Climate Policy

THE Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change model of dangerous, human-caused climate change has failed. Independent science relevant to supposed human-caused global warming is clear, and can be summarised in four briefpoints. First, global temperature warmed slightly in the late 20th century and has been cooling since 2002. Neither the warming nor the cooling were of [...]