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January 2006
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Archive for January, 2006

I Would Rather be a Minke Whale

I didn’t expect Greenpeace Expedition Leader Shane Rattenbury to hesitate for so long and then to be so coy, when he was asked by Michael Duffy on ABC Radio Counterpoint (23rd January 2006) whether he would have blamed the Japanese if one of his men was hurt or killed in the Antarctic. The text follows [...]


Gagging Who? James Hansen! Impossible!

James Hansen has already featured on the front page of most the world’s influential newspapers at least once telling us the sky is about to fall in … well, not exactly. James Hansen has though been in the media a lot, over the last decade or so, telling us that temperatures are rising and that [...]

Whaling Off Norway is Sustainable: Rune Frovik

I have just been reading about the High North Alliance, an organisation representing whalers, sealers and fishermen from Canada, The Faroes, Greenland, Iceland and Norway. Their base is in Reine, Norway, which is a long way away from me here in Brisbane, Australia. Last night I received an email from Rune Frovik from the High [...]

Save The Locust . Com

I lived in Madagascar for several years in the late 1980s. They ate locust over there, fried they tasted OK. A locust is a short-horned grasshopper when it swarms. I always thought a locust swarm was something to fear. There have been claims that the terrible famine in north west Africa last year could have [...]

Don’t Blame Arsonists: Roger Underwood

I wonder how many Koalas have been burnt in the bushfires raging across Victoria? I received a letter from Roger Underwood today, he writes, “Arsonists do light fires, but they are not responsible for fires becoming large and damaging, especially forest fires. Blaming them is a convenient way for politicians and land managers to avoid [...]

Which Climate Change Consensus? (Part 4)

There has been some interesting discussion on policy solutions for ‘climate change’ at the thread following Part 2 of this series. David Tribe mades the comment: Focusing on policy realism is what is needed. We’ve heard too much about model uncertainties and physics. Ian Castles responded with a suggestion from Indur Goklany’s submission to House [...]

Which Climate Change Consensus? (Part 3)

There are some interesting questions being posed at the Which Climate Change Consensus? (Part 2) thread. Following are two questions from Graham Young that interests me. They seems to have been lost amongst the more general policy and economic discussion about Kyoto. David, Your quotation from the MIT piece illustrates the problem that you have [...]

10th Anniversay: GM Cotton in Australia

This is the 10th year that GM cotton has been grown in Australia. Interestingly I have seen no mention of this milestone in the popular press or online. GM canola was to be the next GM crop approved for commercial production in Australia but Greenpeace ran a campaign against it. We now have moratoriums banning [...]

Which Climate Change Consensus? (Part 2)

This blog post follows on from my comments last night under the title Which Climate Change Consensus?, click here. The following information was sent to me by Ian Castles, Visiting Fellow, Asia Pacific School of Economics and Government, The Australian National University. “One of the most serious problems that has dogged the climate debate at [...]

Whaling off Norway: My Questions Answered by Peter Corkeron

There has been much published at this blog about whaling including letters from Libby Eyre and Glenn Inwood. I have just today received a letter from Peter Corkeron which is posted below. The letter has been edited including through the addition of subheadings. In the letter Peter explained he was employed to study the population [...]